Spice Kitchen: Affordable Mexican Food.

Spice kitchen is one of the latest mexican restaurants to open in Bacolod.  Its clientele is mostly students so the prices are very cheap (most of the items on the menu are below 100 pesos.)

Spice Kitchen!

We decided to drop by and take a look.

Spice kitchen is located beside Italia and Riverside Medical Center.  The place is simple but very charming.

A simple bead curtain and a bougainvillea plant add much needed charm and character to the place.

We went inside and looked at their menu.  They had one of my favourite mexican dishes so I immediately ordered their breakfast burrito with Mexican Chorizo.

The menu!

We also got the house special: Buffalo wings.

The breakfast burrito was excellent!  The rice had some spices and it was well seasoned and it tasted really special.

This is really really good.

The buffalo wings were a disappointment because the wings were too small.  However the three piece meal came with rice and some salad which sort of made up for it.

Spicy Buffalo wings

We really enjoyed Spice Kitchen’s take on Mexican food.  We’ve returned several times since then but the breakfast burrito remains my favorite of the lot. 🙂


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  1. pepe says:

    Good news, i thought they had died, they used to be opposite the NGC (and La Salle), The chimichangas were my favourite, will have to visit them again. Thanks.

  2. Good review, Martin. We will check them out one day in the near future.

    Please don’t forget about the Panaad Festival for your own enjoyment. Great scallops on the half shell every year at the Himamaylan exhibit. The Pontevedra exhibit has excellent homemade ice cream and the coffee flavor ice cream really rocks! I hope they have it again this year.

    Have a good day!

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Yes I’m very excited about panaad already!

    2. Scallops? From the Himalayas? This is a mountainous, landlocked country last I saw on a map!

      1. Chef,

        I did not post one thing about the Himalayas. Himamaylan is a coastal city in Negros Occidental and is certainly not a landlocked city.

        ~ Gary ~

  3. pepe says:

    APPLE MANGOES … did anyone else try the huge apple mangoes that arrived in town recently, from pontevedra they said?, They are a kilo each and coloured from reddish to green and yellow.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Not yet! We’re going to panaad Tom!

  4. Yes, we have tried the big apple mangoes from Pontevedra, which is where our farm is located. Each mango is 1 kilo or more in weight and in our area, south of Bacolod, they sell for P50 per kilo.

    The Panaad Carnival opened last night and there are already a number of karaoke and food booths set up in Panaad Park, the day before the festival opens. We hit a few of those tonight already.

    ~ Gary ~

  5. pepe says:

    A VEGITARIANS NIGHTMARE… shells and meat and rice

  6. pepe says:

    the apple mango tastes like the the local Guimaras mango but less pungency (WHICH MAKES IT SO UNIQUE), with a more clear, cleaner taste,.AVAILABLE BEHIND THE LAGOON YESTERDAY.

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