Eat N’ Fill Cafe

Eat all you can restaurants are very popular in the Philippines especially in the more urban areas such as Manila or Cebu.  However these types of restaurants usually don’t do very well when they are in the provinces.

We heard of eat all you can cafe and decided to go and take a look for ourselves.   Eat  n’ fill cafe is located in front of the ABS-CBN news station along Lacson street.

This place just screams eat all you can.  🙂

We went in and took a look at their menu.  It looks good!  Unfortunately we had come in on a monday so we were only eligible to take the salad, pasta and the pizza.  They have a rotating menu and each day they serve different things.  They also offer ala carte orders.

139 for garlic bread… hmmm
The rotating menu.  Friday looks like an awesome day.

Well we ordered the entire Monday course of salad, pasta and pizza.  The salad was a simple one.

The Salad was just ok. A Basic salad with some dressing on top. The veggies are fresh but you don’t want to eat too much of this. They give you a LOT.

Next came the pasta.  It had quite a lot of meat on it.

This was surprisingly good.

We then had the pizza! (chicken BBQ)

Their chicken pizza.

We also got the Hawaiian pizza.

This is probably their worst tasting pizza.

Overall I would rate the place as:

Cleanliness: 5/5    Toilet was also very clean

Food: 3/5:  This is very good value for your money. For the price of two hamburger meals at Mcdonald’s or Jollibee you could already eat your fill (of pizza).  The pizza quality is just okay, nothing special, nothing awesome.

We’ll take more pictures when we get a chance to try their eat all you can baby back ribs!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks, Martin. We will have to check it out on a Monday or Friday. The spaghetti looks good, like we prepare at home with lots of beefy sauce.

    ~ Gary ~

  2. docJ says:

    mayo mart!

  3. shabby0602 says:

    it’s really a good thing i found this blog..I was really curious with that eat all u can signs when i pass by, i have a grasp about it..great post..thumbs up!

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