Chefs & Bakers

Are you looking for baking supplies?  Are you interested in cooking lessons? One of the best places to go to for all these in Bacolod is Chefs & Bakers.

Chefs & Bakers is located in Triangle Island Plaza Bacolod (Near the Shopping Ceres Terminal).  Their store is the biggest store in Bacolod dedicated to baking and baking supplies!

The staff of Chefs & Bakers gamely pose for the camera.


Everything in Chefs & Bakers is well arranged and easy to find.  The store is clean and well lit and there are so many awesome products on display, you’ll just WANT to bake something!


Flour, Yeast, Cocoa Powder.


Baking Chocolate and Chocolate Chips!


An Assortment of Baking Pans


Oats and Multigrain mixes!

I really like cute things and my favorite section of Chefs & Bakers has to be their cake/cupcake topping section.  They have so many cute and funny toppers!

Cake and Cupcake toppers! Add a little cuteness to your cakes and cupcakes! 🙂

Here are my favorite toppers!

These smileys are cute and would really bring a smile to anyone’s face!
These puppies are perfect for a dog loving person!
I’m sure a lot of gamers would love to have these Mario toppers!

Chefs & Bakers also offers cooking/cupcake decorating classes.  They have a demo kitchen inside the shop where they hold these classes.  The slots for the classes fill up quickly so register quickly when a class is scheduled on their facebook page.


Click on the Photo to view their Demo kitchen in Panoramic view!
Click on the Photo to view their Demo kitchen in an Interactive Panoramic view!











9 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    I frequent this place. They are more or less the most complete, if not the only shop in Bacolod for baking ingredients.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Martin. We now know where to go to fulfill our baking needs! I have been looking for means to *ask* Grace to bake an apple pie. We have an oven, I have the apple pie filling but I don’t have the pie crust. It could be a stretch to find it.

    Have a good day!

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Haha. As always, bring Garryl to this place. He’ll enjoy the cupcake toppers! This place is great to visit.

      It’s pretty sneaky to bring Grace here. She’ll be inspired not only to make an apple pie but possibly bake a cake too! 🙂

    2. Flour, butter, sugar, cold water. BAM. BOOM. Pie crust.

      1. Martin Banana says:

        glad you like it!

  3. docJ says:

    mart, im happy you featured this. it’s already quite rare to have a shop dedicated for baking supplies in small town Bacolod.
    btw, may namit nga hamburgers sa buchok lapit sa chinese temple bridge

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Haha pag balik ko Lakat ta da

  4. Your blog here is a great introduction to Negros culinary opportunities. A baking supply store? My Filipino in-laws (no names!) had given me the impression of Bacolod as this backwater provincial town that just got electric power last week.

    Nice to see such innovation and growth.

  5. do u have a free baking demo?pls do info me@09204188089.thanks!

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