Kristin’s Steakhouse

Kristin’s steakhouse is one of the old restaurants in Bacolod.  I remember when it first used to be located in front of Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Hospital and its storefront had a sign with a picture of a happy little dancing chef holding a covered tray.

We’re glad the new Kristin’s has reopened along Lacson’s street right in front of Mushu where the old Gerry’s grill used to be!  Of course we had to go check it out!

Kristin’s Steakhouse. Back and Bigger than ever!

We went inside and we took a look around.  The interior is very nice with a lower open-air area for smokers and an upper area which is airconditioned.  The lower area also has a “western themed” area with a sofa and stuffed animal heads which is sure to be very popular with the kiddies.

Open air dining area facing Lacson street


Stuffed animals!  Some of them are losing their hair and are really patchy.
The upper dining area is air conditioned and is well lit. The wood paneling and the lights make for a very relaxing combination.

We got there in time for lunch and we browsed through the menu before deciding to order.

Kristin’s has two menus.  One menu contains steaks made from local beef and the other contains imported steaks.

Two things caught my eye:  Crocodile steak and Ostrich Steak!  I immediately placed an order for the crocodile steak.  It’s not everyday one can chow down on Gator!

We asked the waiter where they get their imported steaks from and he went back to the kitchen and got us a steak.

That’s a 700 peso steak on the Nelson’s chair!

Our food began to arrive.  It was quite a long wait since we ordered the steaks well done and there were lots of other diners.  Still it took 15-20 minutes so one has to have a good amount of patience!

First to arrive was their kinilaw which was surprisingly good (for a steakhouse kinilaw!).

Very good kinilaw.

We ordered spareribs (local beef.)  The meat was soft, cooked just the way we liked it (well done) and well marinated.

We ordered their chopsuey! Generous amounts of veggies and mushrooms cooked perfectly! No sogginess and each vegetable was still crunchy!

The piece de resistance was the Crocodile steak.  It was a round cross section of crocodile tail and it looked remarkably like a slice of fish but with an interesting musculature.

Fancy some croc?

I took a bite of the croc steak.  It reminded me of chicken meat, only more firm and it had intramuscular fat running through the meat!  Very fascinating! Some people say that croc meat is fishy but I couldn’t detect any hint of fishiness in the meat.

The crocodile steak cut open to expose the musculature.

“Oh my God, I’m eating lizard..” was all I could mumble to the other amused members of the Bacolod Food Hunters.

The crocodile meat.. Note the fat running between the muscles.

How was the croc steak?  It was pretty interesting.  It’s not everyday one gets to munch on a lizard species that can potentially grow up to munch on YOU in return.

Kristin’s is a great place to go to for the adventurous and for those who want a really good steak.  They’ve just opened so there’s still some questionable elements like their male comfort rooms that look like a public cr (unflushed floaters complete with a water pitcher that doubles as a water dipper) and their dubious choice of bathroom decor (Seriously, an Albatross poster?)

Hopefully they’ll work out these problems soon!   Bring your friends and family to try their steaks and have a good time!

Have a SQUEALIN’ good time at Kristin’s! 🙂








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  1. Remelee says:

    pls check out king chow resto at the ground floor of dream 21 bldg, the 5storey bldg beside Bob’s resto, north drive. there are a number of newly opened eating places in this bldg which you might want to check out and give a review. thanks

    Sent from my iPad

    1. pepe says:

      King Chow, Aka the Great Wokkers! Probably the best value 75 peso meals in Bacolod! Dont tell anyone.

  2. christine says:

    Hi Bacolod Food Hunters! Every time I fly to Bacolod, it is a must to visit Pepe’s Restaurant on the 2nd level of Sorrento. I love their Strawberry Frozen Margarita and their entrees that are never short on flavour and portion.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Thanks for writing in. We have gone to pepes and somehow we’ve never really gotten to releasing the article on it due to our busy schedules.

      Rest assured we’ll do an article on Pepes in the upcoming months.

  3. juls says:

    my friend ate there and the steak was cold… i hope they put a lot of effort into their honeymoon period….

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Yes they really should. Bacolod people are pretty picky when it comes to good food and service.

  4. Christine says:

    Hi Martin! Can’t wait to try the food in that hole-in-the-wall Indian joint you just featured. I am intending to visit Bacolod quarterly, starting this year. I have such strong affinity with anything Negrense. Thanks for replying. Hope to see more new posts from you guys! (Pressure! 😉 )

  5. ming dabao says:

    Try out Kristin’s Steakhouse 20th Street Lacson. new improved service level to let you enjoy the specialty menu of imported and local steaks and many more dishes to choose from our wide array menu line-up.

  6. Anna Torv says:

    how much for that crocodile steak? and spareribs? please reply. Thanks

  7. JOY says:

    Crocodile steak is 400/250g…… Spareribs is 120/serve……

    Pls come and visit @ kRISTINS STEAKHOUSE & RESTAURANT under new management and much more improved service level to make you full… When your looking for more than steaks they have more dish to choose from their menu….. See you there……

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