Wamba’s restaurant is located near Lopue’s Mandalagan in the same building that houses cookies and crumbs and Pepe’s. ;The Bacolod food hunters went and took a visit.

When we went there, Wamba’s had just opened so they were ironing out the kinks but they had already attracted a nice crowd.

Crowded already!

We sat down and viewed the menu and placed our orders. ; We relaxed and enjoyed the ambiance. ;The restaurant was well lit and everything had that brand new look.

Our orders soon arrived. ;We started with the Crab cake Nicoise salad. ;The salad had the titular crab cake and it was sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and Olives.

Crab Cake Nicoise Salad

The next appetizer arrived which is a Chorizo Sampler consisting of Morcillas, Butifaras and Chorizo de Lily. ;The owner says that the recipe was an old family recipe that she inherited and introduced into her restaurant.

The Chorizo Sampler

We then tried their potato croquettes. ;These were a bit underdone as they were pale but it was still a bit ok to eat. ;They could have been fried a little bit longer and a bit of salt and pepper added.

Potato Croquettes

We had their orange and mustard glazed spareribs ;with a siding of corn that was seasoned with vinegar. ;The vinegar corn mix wasn’t very good so we left the corn ;alone (no one is gonna miss a teaspoon of corn.) ;and ate the spare ribs.

Orange and Mustard glazed Spareribs.

For dessert we had the tart apple cobbler. ;It went very well with the vanilla ice cream and it was also sprinkled with cinnamon.

We also tried the Merengue con Natilla. ;It was made of cream and also sprinkled with cinnamon.

Merengue con Natilla

Wambas is a nice restaurant that really adds to the night time scene in Bacolod. Do pay them a visit. Here’s the Menu




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  1. Wamba’s! Now, this is my kind of place where to enjoy eating. Apple cobbler. I am getting excited already!! Sounds like a winner to me and Wambas’s is first on my personal list of new restaurants to try. Thank you much, Martin, for sharing this one.

    ~ Gary ~

  2. pepe says:

    How are the prices? Salad looks nice and i like sound of the orange mustard ribs

    1. Martin Banana says:

      I included the picture of the menu..its a clickable text just try to find it in the article.

      The taste of the “ribs” were a bit off but that was during their opening 3 months ago. I don’t know how the taste is now hopefully they’ve improved. The vinegar corn mix that came with it was horrid. Good thing it was only a teaspoon sized portion. Hopefully they’ve gotten rid of that too.

      We have a lot of restaurant reviews that we’re slowly releasing (three per month) so it can take as long as 4 months before a newly opened Resto gets a published review assuming we were able to go to it on opening day! 🙂

  3. pepe says:

    I honestly cant find the link? is it me?

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Maybe it’s an error of mine let me check.. Yep it’s not there. Just added it in.

  4. pepe says:

    Thanks, i thought my age and eyesight were catching up on me.Personally i will usually never visit a new resto until open at least 2 months, to avoid teething problems, the food bloggers haha and local trendy folk being “seen in the new place”” ,and the clueless staff which will be normal at first. The Indian at triangle went downhill after the 1st weeks meal. The resto business is very hard now, i expect to see so many closing next year. Jacobo has just closed!
    Closures predictions for 2013 will be Pancake house, wambas and cookies and crumbs above, Bilbao in mayfair, shabu niku, wara wara, rio greenos, BLC and Masskara chicken at triangle. Mongol Bowl (never good since owners at mayfair plaza sold it) Rai rai ken, little kaisei at SM, anywhere selling milk tea and 2 4 25 burger joints.

    May be wrong but time will tell……

    1. Martin Banana says:

      The Indian at triangle went downhill for us two days later. Very good opening then food significantly sucked. (that’s why I didn’t bother with a review even though we had taken a ton of pics of the food and the place already. Opted to publish chantik instead)

      Cookies and crumbs has a very good evening crowd composed of mostly young people so its moderately successful. Rairai ken will never get a review from us since we only focus on Bacolod restos but I agree it sucks.. Shabu niku well, we’re never going back there… masskara chicken is nice and we hope it works but market is over saturated..

      Mongol Bowl was bought by my aunt and she sold it to another person. That makes it three owners now. The lunchtime crowd (and main source of income) are the nurses at doctors hospital.

      We still hope for the day Bacolod has a decent eat all you can like Dad, Yakimix and Vikings..

      RIP Jacopo.. 😦 you will be missed dearly.

  5. I am surprised there aren’t several restaurants with the All You Can Eat (AYCE) buffet, other than in a few hotels where the prices are ridiculous. Pay one price and eat all you can. Those type restaurants are very popular in Florida. Of course, this ain’t Florida and I am not looking to find Florida here but just saying. We ate at Don Henrico’s in Cebu City, P399 per person for AYCE pizza, Italian style pasta, garlic bread, Buffalo Wings, soup and salad. Now, that was the deal! The food was good, too.

    I have seen one All You Can Eat Chicken Inasal restaurant in Bacolod, on Magsaysay, but that is not too exciting. There are many expats in Bacolod but not enough to support a restaurant such as an Ole Time Buffet, AYCE,with things like baked meat loaf, pot roast, deep fried fish fillets, chicken fried steak with gravy, baked chicken with cornbread dressing, Southern Fried Chicken, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled/fried/baked potatoes, beef stew, Brunswick Stew, clam chowder, vegetable soup, salad bar, shrimp cocktail, dessert bar with things like apple/peach/blueberry cobbler, apple/peach/blueberry pie, all kinds of cakes, fried pies, banana pudding with Vanilla wafers and, well I need to stop!

    Restaurants come and go, some much faster than others. There was a small hole in the wall called Thai Bowl on Rosario Street but it was only open about one month, it seems. Their bowl of Pad Thai Noodles were cheap at P60 a bowl, with a generous serving. I liked them and they were served with chop sticks.

    I look for better days ahead with the Bacolod Food Scene.If someone could come up with a concept like Chili’s, Bar & Grill, Appleby’s, TGI Fridays, Bennigan’s, etc, I think it would fly. Bigby;s in SM gave it a shot but fell way short. A Waffle House, which is nothing like the Pancake House, would be great, too, in my opinion. One example of their menu dishes is
    hash brown potatoes: scattered on the grill, smothered with onions, covered with cheese, chunked with ham, diced with tomatoes, peppered with jalapenos, capped with mushrooms, and topped with chili con carne. That is a meal in itself!

    ~ Gary ~

  6. pepe says:

    shabu niku has a new weekday all u can eat at 350, never been there but maybe thats a good move on their part, as the prices in the review seemed very high!

    1. Martin Banana says:

      That’s good of them! They’ve realized that not all can afford their sky high prices.

  7. pepe says:

    Anyone tried the new luna piena italian or the sate garden near art district, I see there is also a new mexican at art district, forget the name.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Possibly the Mexican place you speak of is this tapas bar that an expat put up. He told us about it one evening at Negros museum cafe

  8. pepe says:

    The mexican place looked old and in a bad location and it was empty,
    Sate garden has a facebook page that looks nice.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      We’ll drop by the art district again to check things out. We’ve got so many things to do for march! Thanks again!

  9. pepe says:

    quote Mongol Bowl was bought by my aunt and she sold it to another person. That makes it three owners now.

    Your aunt bought it in 2005 from Tommy from Sweeden who went on to open mama marias pizza.
    The original owners from 2002- 2005 when it was good…. were a handsome british guy with his beautiful ilonga wife.

    So 4 owners now.

    1. Martin Banana says:


  10. I have to go here soon. They had invited us before but being in my first trimester, I just couldn’t stomach food. haha Now, I am enjoying! weeee

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