Contest! Contest!

Hello to our readers! We’re giving away two copies of the Filipino edition of The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games is a 2008 young adult novel by American writer Suzanne Collins. It is written in the voice of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, where the countries of North America once existed. The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis, exercises political control over the rest of the nation. The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12–18 from each of the twelve districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle to the death. — From wikipedia

Contest Rules:

1. Contest is Open to residents of the Philippines only with valid philippine addresses. A winner of a book will be chosen on November 19 and November 26 respectively

2. To Join, simply leave a comment on this page saying

a. Why you love Bacolod.

b. What is your favorite Bacolod Restaurant.

If you’ve never been to Bacolod don’t worry! Simply write down

a. Would you like to visit Bacolod?

b. What restaurant or food would you like to try?

3. In your comment please use a valid email address so we can notify you if you win. Winners will be chosen by random lottery.

Have fun guys! We’re waiting for your comments!


UPDATE:  The first Hunger Games book has been won! Congratulations to Mylene G Sison!!  aka sarapngbarquillos.  She will recieve her prize in the mail.

Winner was chosen by random drawing via 

One book is left.. Come on, keep sending in your entries!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Great idea for a contest!

    I love Bacolod because it really is the City of Smiles. The city slogan is not just hype but the people of Bacolod live up to the reputation of the City. Smiles everywhere. Not only smiling people but hospitable, friendly and helpful people.

    I don’t have to go far when I am hunting for food. There are a number of excellent restaurants in Bacolod City. The supermarkets, small grocery stores and delicatessens are usually stocked with the things I want to buy to prepare food at home.

    The Rib House is my favorite restaurant in Bacolod City.

    Good luck to all the contestants!

  2. Lee Santiago says:

    Bacolod is home. I see the cracks and the filth, I hear the noise, I smell the gutters. I feel the chaos at the old downtown district. Bacolod is home. I see smiles. I hear laughter. I smell the heady and lovely aroma of batchoy at Locsin Street. I feel the love in Bacolod’s embrace.

    There is this carinderia at the corner of Libertad (Hernaez) extension and Lizares aptly named Corner Eatery. This is where I indulge in their own version of KBL which is made from unctuous pork hocks and “uyas sang balatong” instead of kadyos. I usually catch this treat before 11 am so that I can fish out the fattiest choice cut from their huge pot. I usually have this with a couple of fried chicken necks. This routine is usually followed with a cup or two of coffee at JG Cafe at the Libertad Market.

  3. Kim Joyce Hoon says:

    a. Why you love bacolod? I love bacolod simply that’s where I live, is vertical: garden, pond, uphill pasture, run-in shed. Through pines, Pumpkin Ridge. Two switchbacks down church spire, spit of town.

    b.b. What is your favorite Bacolod Restaurant? Of course, our very own specialty.. the chicken inasal in Manokan country. 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Thank you for your entry lovingly cut and pasted from:

      Maxine Kumine: Where I live

      I had a good laugh over your entry. I partly think this is because Lee Santiago’s submitted a poetic entry that you felt the need to out do him. 🙂

      Still it is hilarious that someone pulled a “Senator Vic Sotto” on the page..

      Thanks for your entry. It will still be accepted and put up for drawing of the prize since I did say that the winners will be chosen at random.

      I do hope no one else will think this is a poetry contest and post more “Senator Vic Sotto” type entries.

  4. sarapngbarquillos says:

    I love Bacolod because there’s no traffic, Bacolod has low crime rate, amenities and facilities that can be found in Manila can also be found here and cheaper at that. Everything is in close proximity like resorts, churches, restaurants, malls, night outs, parks, schools, markets etc. Wide roads and efficient government services.

    My favorite restaurant is Pepe’s. Great tasting and affordable food. Mylene June G. Sison Dormitory OIC PhilKorea Educational Services, Inc. Roli”s Arcade, La Salle Avenue 6100 Bacolod City

    >________________________________ > From: The Bacolod Food Hunters >To: >Sent: Monday, 12 November 2012, 23:17 >Subject: [New post] Contest! Contest! > > > >Martin Banana posted: “Hello to our readers! We’re giving away two copies of the Filipino edition of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! The Hunger Games is a 2008 young adultnovel by American writer Suzanne Collins. It is written in the voice of 16-year-old Katniss” >

  5. Yey! I got my copy of the Hunger Games Filipino Version already. Thanks guys!

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