A night at The Freakin’ Chicken

The Freakin’ chicken is a house converted into a restaurant near the entrance Eroreco subdivion.  We’ve been there during their soft opening and there were a few kinks to be ironed out so we waited until we finally had the opportunity to visit them again. One of the Bacolod Food Hunters; Cring called us one evening and told us that there was going to be a band playing at the Freakin’ chicken and could we please come and have a dinner there? We were there early and we had a nice chat with the owners/business partners; all  ladies!

Hello ladies!

One of the things that we like about the Freakin’ Chicken is that the place has this interesting combination of art and the elegance of a museum mixed with the simplicity of street food.

You can munch on fried Isaw in your tsinelas while looking at the awesome antique drawings and paintings on the walls of the freakin’ chicken..

We have a favorite piece of art in the freakin’ chicken.  It’s a screen and on one side someone had stuck an antique pack of playing cards.  On the other side old labels of wine, brandies, vodka and rum.   It’s really beautiful. We ordered some food so we could eat while the band was playing  It was pretty lively and everybody was having fun! (View the 360 panorama here!)

Click to view the 360 panorama.  It takes a while for it to load so be patient!

The food soon arrived and we had ordered the house special which is called Freak on Freak.  (Freakin Chicken’s fried chicken on their special fried rice.)  The rice was a bit salty but it went very well with the fried chicken.

Freak on freak.
Freakin’ rice.

You could also get their freakin chicken on plain white rice.

Freaking chicken.. In the back is some fried chicken skin.

For those street food lovers, Freakin’ Chicken has your favorites too.

Fried Isaw!
Chicken inasal
Pork bbq!
Potato balls

We had a fun dinner!  We ate tons of fried Isaw and chicken gizzards while listening to the band.  

Cring (a.k.a Miss Freakin’ Chicken) eating her food.
Transit of Venus!

A good time was had by all!  Thanks for having us over! Please do drop by and visit them!

TRIVIA INFO:  The Freakin’ Chicken logo was designed by Basti Artadi.

The Freakin’ Chicken



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah says:

    How was the prices of their dishes po?

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Prices are good!

    2. Martin Banana says:

      Prices are cheap and good.

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