Lil’s Cupcakes: Gourmet cupcakes for discerning adults.

Lil’s cupcakes is one of the best cupcake makers in Bacolod.  Most cupcakes are just for show, with all those sugary sculptures and excessive decoration on top.  Those are fine for kids but in the end, taste is what matters.

Lil’s cupcakes has their main branch along Taculing road but they recently opened a branch inside Mayfair along Lacson Street.

A customer ordering cupcakes and Banana bread. Lil’s also has different kinds of bread, cookies and flavoured meringues.

We got three of their best selling flavors.  Devil’s food, apple pie and Schwarzwald. (Black forest)

The three cupcakes! Black forest (left) Apple pie (top) and Devil’s food (bottom)

First up was the Devil’s food cupcake.  It had a swirl of rich creamy chocolate icing which went very well with the plain cake base.

Devil’s food cupcake.

Next was the Black forest cupcake.  We had a tussle over who got to eat this one because it had a cherry on top and everyone wanted to eat it!  The cupcake is covered in sweet cream and has chocolate shavings on it but what really made it stand out is that it had bits of cherry inside as a filling! It was quite surprising to bite into the chocolate cupcake and taste cherries inside too!  Very nice!

Black forest cupcake

Our personal favorite is the apple Pie cupcake.  It is covered with some caramel and sprinkled with cinnamon.  It also has some sliced apples inside of it.  I could see myself eating one or two black forest cupcakes but the apple pie cupcake tasted so good (not too sweet and not too heavy) I could eat probably three or four.. maybe even five at one sitting? 🙂

Apple pie cupcake!

Try Lil’s cupcakes today at Mayfair or at their Main branch in Taculing.   Cupcakes shouldn’t be all about sculpted sugar paste decorations!  Lil’s cupcakes are “grown up” or mature version of cupcakes for those who really want to try something different.



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  1. Ida Vecino says:

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    Have been giving these for gifts and these cupcakes never failed me!

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