Aribu: Sausages and cold cuts

Due to overwhelming response on our facebook page to the “sneak peek” photo of Aribu’s cold cut platter we decided to release the article a month early!   Thanks for your support guys!

When one speaks of cold cuts in Bacolod the average guy will think of cold cut platters in one of the Chinese restaurants with the obligatory slices of century egg.

In the same way, the average guy in Bacolod who eats sausages knows only two or three types.  (Hungarian, Frankfurter and even Vienna sausage!)

For those interested in sampling various deli meats and cheese in Bacolod, Aribu nicely fills in the void.  Aribu is located in the Art district in Mandalagan and they have quite a selection of deli meats,sausages and cheese.

Aribu is a small restaurant (only 2 tables downstairs!) but they have more tables outside.

The place has some nice paintings by Legaspi hanging on the walls.   Alongside the other wall, rows of displaychillers well stocked with  sausages and deli meats are arranged to tempt customers.

The display cabinet in front has a selection of sausages and cheese for you to choose from.

Display Cabinet with assorted cheese and sausages.

Here’s what they have in the display case.

They have more selections in the chillers but we opted not to individually write about them because they would eat up a lot of space so for the curious here are the contents of freezer one, two and three.

We started off with their house special appetizer which is Fried Gouda cheese.  Fried gouda cheese kinda tastes like the dried-up toasted cheese you get when you toast a cheese sandwich.  Very good especially on some of Aribu’s french style bread.

Fried Gouda Cheese. Surprisingly the cheese doesn’t melt when fried and it becomes a nice crispy tasty snack.

We also ordered double smoked bacon to go with the bread and cheese.  Very good combination.

Double Smoked Bacon. Eaten with a piece of fried Gouda cheese on a slice of french baguette.

Our cold cut platter then arrived.  It was good looking with a wide assortment of the available meats that they had.  We noticed boxes of Eden cheese in the freezer earlier and this was the cheese that they served with the platter.  We had it changed to Gouda cheese.  Two days later we ordered the sausage platter (picture not shown here) and we had the Eden cheese. A fellow food Hunter; Pat then commented that she liked the Eden cheese better!

Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Smoked Bacon, Chicken, Cucumbers, Baby Potatoes and Gouda Cheese!

You guys really loved this photo on the Bacolod food hunter facebook page! Thanks for the support!  We occasionally drop preview photos of future articles in our facebook page so please drop by to visit if you want your quick fix of Bacolod Food hunters. 🙂

The Cold cut platter photo from our facebook page.

Drop by Aribu if you’re craving sausages, cold cuts or need toppings to make a home made pizza!  It is very crowded on weekend nights but they are open during lunchtime so feel free to drop by anytime that is convenient for you.  They also serve beer and they have an extensive selection of wines.



15 Comments Add yours

  1. pepe says:

    I have tried only their bratwurst so far, it was good, have an italian and a pepperoni sausage to try next, The platter looks great, i see on their menu they have a few germanish dishes, currywurst for one and wagyu burgers. A great little place , almost too posh for art district. Can you reccomend which sausages and cold cuts you liked best?

    1. Martin Banana says:

      hi pepe! We liked the smoked bacon and the gouda cheese. We ordered toasted bread and ate it with the cold cuts and fried cheese. Yes we also love curry wurst. Their pepperoni is a bit bland tasting but that’s just my personal opinion. The others liked it.

      1. Martin Banana says:

        The museum cafe for this week is serving smoked blue marlin.. Try it out. It is VERY good. That is real smoked stuff.

  2. St. Alia of the Knife says:

    Wow! This looks promising! How much for the platter?

    1. Martin Banana says:

      around 260.

  3. Thank you much, Martin, for letting us know about Aribu! I must rave about the Kielbasa Sausage from Aribu. My wife and I bought a kilo yesterday afternoon and that was our supper last night. P378 for a kilo and well worth it.

    The Kielbasa is moist and juicy and you can see the spices inside, such as the cracked black peppercorns. It is awesome! I had my Kielbasa on a baguette with fried onions, horseradish mustard and topped with sauerkraut. Fabulous! I cut some extra kielbasa and served it to 3 of our Filipino friends last night. All 3 also raved about it.

    I’ve tried many sausages in Bacolod the last three years and often found them dry as a bone and with little taste other than being hot and spicy. For sure, the Kielbasa at Aribu rocks!

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Martin Banana says:

      I’m glad you liked it! I love a good sausage too!

  4. pepe says:

    They have really good beef pastrami now, prices are really good.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Hopefully when the new tapas bar opens in art district it’ll be good too! The owner claims he’ll try to make it as “authentic” as possible.

    2. Martin Banana says:

      Have you tried khao phat? It’s located along the mountain view road (near Lopues mandalagan in a bunch of newly constructed buildings.)

      Prices are good, they serve thai dishes that are extremely bastardized (aka customized to Filipino tastes).

      But its a Cheap poor mans alternative to the other Thai restos in Bacolod. The noodles and the curry (watered down) is ok.

      It was going to be written up as an article but got put on the back burner as newer “more exciting” restos sprung up.

  5. pepe says:

    Not tried it but that foodpark it is in seems very quiet lately. I walked round the art district a few afternoons ago, they have a new art district 2 area opening. I can see where the tapas bar will be, next to sate garden, looking good. so far. there is also a nice looking bar called garaje and a cafe bar. The italian luna pieto menu consists of pasta and risotto at around 200 as well as other dishes, but didnt see a pizza menu!

  6. pepe says:

    The tapas bar must be tzacho, It has Korean or Japanese writing outside and gives no hint of Spanish ness at all. Give it 6 months at the most.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      haha. When I have time I’ll go do an art district review

  7. yourpq says:

    Any updates of this place?

    1. I saw a food kiosk of Aribu recently at the monthly Food Fair at Ayala Mall. It was located between Metro and the Mall.

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