Bar Oasis: A bar tending game for the iPhone.

One of the games that we really enjoy on the Iphone is Bar Oasis.  It’s a bar tending game in which you take the role of a bar tender and you learn how to mix drinks.

The creators of the game have integrated the Iphone’s touch screen and gyroscope into the game.  You make a series of motions that simulate stirring, shaking and pouring drinks and cocktails.

Real brands are used in this game. In this photo the game has me pour the exact amount for a cocktail

A really neat feature of the game is a mini encyclopedia that you can access at anytime to see pictures and recipes of cocktails.  Some of the encyclopedia entries sound really good and makes us want to go to a real bar!

I’m curious to discover how a screaming orgasm tastes in real life!

This game also has quite a lot of interesting characters for you to interact with.  They are initially wary of you but they warm up to you as your skills in bar tending improve.

You can interact with cute girls, chat with regulars and occasionally deal with snobby customers.

If you treat a girl really nice you can get her to go all the way from first base to a home run!

Definitely not a game for kids.

We tried looking for a Bar in Bacolod that can duplicate most of the drinks in Bar Oasis and the one with the most items on the cocktail list is Offshore Bar in Metrodome.  It is by far the only bar in Bacolod with an impressive menu list.

Offshore has a well stocked bar!

The owner works on a floating oil rig and he sends bottles home every now and then.  He decorated the inside of the bar to resemble an oil rig, from the decor to the worker’s clothes.

Faux life preservers!

We ordered some drinks and we had some cheese sticks and some mixed peanuts that were really good too.

Crunchy peanuts with some cracker nuts thrown in..

We got some drinks from Bar Oasis..  We had a gin tonic and a screwdriver which is vodka with orange juice.  It would have been great if they had used real orange juice instead they used powdered Tang which made the drink really sweet and “kiddie” like.  It totally overpowered the vodka taste.


We also tried making Kahlua milk at home which is coffee liqueur and some fresh milk!

Yum! this is turning into one of my favorite cocktails!

Bar Oasis is definitely not a game for kids!  It’s made us into potential alcoholics.  After playing, I want to try every drink listed!


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