We visited Chick-N-Grill, the chicken place right across Robinson’s Bacolod!

It’s a huge open air restaurant but it is squeaky clean (nice bathrooms too!) specializing in chicken inasal and barbeque!

Chick-N-grill has a takeout counter that also doubles as their cooking area so take outs are HOT and fresh!

They serve the typical chicken inasal stand fare.  You can get your chicken inasal with chicken oil, your isaw, your chicken hearts, gizzards and livers.  All the delicious bits!

Chicken Inasal and isaw!

Chick-N-grill uses a special marinade for its pork however which lends their pork chops and barbeque a nice sweetish flavor, almost borderline tocino but not quite..  Very distinct taste.  My friend Pat and I like it.  Joe doesn’t.  It really isn’t for everyone.  It depends on your food preferences!

Porkchop! OR HAMCHOP!! lol

Drop by chick-n-grill and do try their barbecued pork and chicken.  It’s quite nice and perfect for those who want their chicken inasal fix after shopping at Robinson’s.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. beauburb says:

    hi… just met martin banana at kulas.. he was so nice and very friendly..

    1. Martin Banana says:

      hahahaha 🙂 Nice meeting you too

  2. Dan says:

    Their chicken inasal was waaay better in the first few months after they opened. Now it’s not as fresh and the “timpla” seems different. It’s hard to explain. If you haven’t eaten here when this place was new, then you wouldn’t know what I mean. We haven’t eaten here in months 🙂

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