Bacolaodiat 2012! Fun food and fun!

The 2012 Bacoloaodiat started off with an extravagant parade.  For a couple of hours Lacson street was transformed into the chinese zodiac as dragons, lions and the zodiac animals paraded through the street.

Chinese dragons swim through Lacson street which for just a moment transformed into a huge celestial river.
Two Giant figures dance through the parade.
The first of the Zodiac animals appears! The dragon!

A huge blue dragon then arrived carrying GMA stars.  (Sorry I don’t know who they are.)

The water dragon float!
The GMA stars riding the dragon

After watching the rest of the Zodiac animals pass by, it was now time to head to Chopstick alley (A designated place for people to eat dine and have fun.) and check out the scene.

The entrance to chopstick alley.  This colorful stall had dragons and lanterns!
Inside the stall there was this huge dragon head.
Chopstick alley was filled with people just having fun.
The Lion dancers pose at Chopstick alley after their exciting lion dance

I was able to run into my friend  Chef JP Anglo at the Mu Shu food booth.  It’s totally fun being with JP because all sorts of fun things happen.

Mu Shu's food stall! Looks awesome!  Top things to try are their angus beef siomai, Lechon manok lumpia, pritchon pancakes and their ... well EVERYTHING is a must-try.

I was about to ask Chef JP what food he was going to prepare but he kept getting dragged away for autographs.. So funny!

"Gaan ko kamo autograph basta bakal lang kamo siomai." Chef Jp jokes to a group of giggling schoolgirls.

Since Chef JP was getting sidetracked by the constant requests for autographs, I asked him if I could take pictures of his food.  “Go ahead Marts, but I’m afraid the only thing ready right now is the Angus beef siomai.”

Mushu's angus beef siomai! WOW!!

Happy Chinese new year!!  I was able to take a video of the Amity Volunteers on Chinese New Years day at Shopping doing their dragon dance to bless various business establishments!




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  1. ecoferia says:

    The Chinese Festival looks nice with the dragons. And especially with Chef Jp’s Chinese food!

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