Chika-an Bacolod: Fun Filipino Food!

The Bacolod Food Hunters recently had a great time at one of Robinson’s Central City walk newest restaurants.. Chika-an!

While Chika-an is not a Bacolod franchise, we still believe Chika-an  deserves a mention in places for fine dining in Bacolod.

The Bacolod Food hunters were out on the prowl again after what seemed to be a non stop week of Christmas parties!  They decided to drop by Robinson’s Central City walk to check out the latest restaurants.

Well, it was a pleasant surprise since Mooon cafe and Chikaan had just celebrated their grand opening!  There were crowds of people mobbing Mooon cafe (mexican food) and The Bacolod Food Hunters didn’t want to be part of the rabble, we decided to go dine at Chika-an.


Since the handy-dandy Iphone 4s was temporarily out of commission, Martin had to use his Samsung Galaxy Y’s camera. (2mp)..

We ordered two filipino favourites.  Kare Kare and grilled Spareribs.

The Kare Kare was very nice, the proportion of meat to veggies was just right (a generous amount of meat compared to veggies).  The peanut sauce was delicious too, from the taste of the sauce, it seemed to be made from scratch (i.e. ground peanuts) rather than peanut butter.

Kare Kare. It's FUN!!

Yes, the pot looks weird!  That’s because it had a tiny candle at the bottom to keep the Kare Kare warm while you eat!.


The Spareribs also deserved special mention.  The meat was tender, well grilled and perfectly seasoned!  It was so soft and there was only ONE tiny morsel of bone in the serving.. 99% meat and a tiny bit of a bone.  It was delicious!

Spareribs! Or more appropriately... porkchop? 🙂


We weren’t able to try Chika-an’s other house specialties but we did try their absolutely delicious and refreshing CUCUMBER lemonade.

The refreshing and cooling taste of cucumber mixed with the tart lemon juice is a win!

We highly recommend that first timers try out this drink.  Skip the alejandro iced tea. Have a pitcher of this delicious drink instead!


Check out chika-an!  You won’t be disappointed!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. thejuicewa says:

    Enjoying the food reviews! Soon i’ll be putting up places to eat on my blog as well but for Iloilo. We like to do the same thing. Look for cheap yet flavorful places to eat. Hoping to read more! God bless!

  2. Mary Joy Aro says:

    i was able to dine there last week too. i had the shrimps and the crabmeat…both dishes were fresh and not heavily seasoned. it has just the right amount of flavor despite the butter. very good place. reasonably prized too.

    rice portions are big!

  3. Love 2 Type says:

    nice that chika-an is in bacolod too.. i love chika-an..

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