Mushu’s Special Christmas Takeaway

Mushu’s serving up something really special this Christmas.  Now you can serve their famous Chicken at your parties and Noche Buena!

For only Php 780, you could have a WHOLE hainanese chicken AND Mushu’s famous chicken rice.  Enjoy!!

Mushu is one of our favorite restaurants in Bacolod!  They serve absolutely tasty Chinese food! Check out our article on Mushu HERE!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Custer says:

    Hello Martin,

    Yes, Mushu is one of our favorite restaurants. We’ve never had a disappointing meal there in over 3 years. We’ve never tried their chicken though. Maybe we’ll do that this week. With all the new restaurants opening up in Bacolod it’s hard trying to decide which one to go to.

    Best regards
    Jim Custer

  2. Martin Banana says:

    Haha, we’re having a hard time catching up too!

  3. lee says:

    Namit! We had pandesal and poached egg with truffle oil, salt and pepper quail and brown rice with wok fried egg. Namit gid

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