31 Korea: Korean noodles, rice balls and korean ice cream

One of the new restaurants in Robinson’s Bacolod Central city walk is 31 Korea.  It is one of the most popular restaurants there since its main draws are the assorted delicious Binggrae brand korean ice cream (Melona, Samanco (the famous fish ice cream) and many more.

31 Korea: People lining up to buy ice cream!

31 Korea is set up quite nicely with two long tables where you can sit and eat your noodles.  The cooks man the center area.  For bigger groups there are several small tables which are quite inconvenient because one has to bend down to eat from one’s bowl.

Grab a bowl!

You can have a variety of toppings with your noodles or ramyun.  The basic bowl is 80 pesos for a bowl of noodles and soup.  You add 20 pesos for ramyun toppings.  31 korea offers a wide array of toppings ranging from rice cakes to fishballs and korean siomai (vegetarian dumplings).  For those who don’t want spicy soup, 31 korea offers 3 flavour choices ranging from mildly spicy to spicy soup.  We recommend the spicy soup to get the full korean ramyun experience!

Ramyun with Fishballs and Korean Siomai.

You can tell how spicy your order is by the intensity  of the orange colouring.

Same order of Fishballs and korean siomai only FULL INTENSITY SPICINESS!
Mike scarfs down a bowl of noodles

For those who are lovers of rice, 31 korea offers excellent rice balls.  They come in a variety of flavours and are quite delicious.  Our personal favourite is the pork rice ball and the tuna mayo rice ball.

BBQ pork and rice! So delicious!

Finally for those who don’t want to eat noodles or rice at all,  31 korea has yang nyeom fried chicken.  It’s battered fried chicken covered with a sweet spicy sauce.


For dessert, Join the fun and brave the crowds as they purchase the korean ice cream. PROTIP:  It’s better to take a seat and let the waitress come to you and you can order in relative ease and luxury.

SO many people! This box was consumed in SECONDS..
Cring shows off a cute watermelon ice cream! "The "seeds" are really chewy!"

Check out 31 korea for a fun dining experience.   The food is cheap, good and a lot of fun!   100 pesos can get you a bowl of soup with a ramyun topping!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. wow I’ll try this one on a weekend, never knew this restaurant had something to be boastful about! In CCW I would only eat in Tamarind but I guess a relative and this review pushed me to try out other restaurants

  2. saint rebie says:

    was there last night. loved their ramyun with rice cakes and the melon ice cream? winner! think i’m going back there until i tried all the flavors ;_) kimchi tuna rice ball was also a winner. just the right spice for my palate.ü

  3. reg says:

    I used to love drinking aloe juice in 31 Korea. the food is great. They don’t have desserts on the menu but love the ice cream sandwich:-) ..especially the melona.

  4. How come there are no beef, chicken or fish options with the add-ons for the ramyeun? This defeats the whole “authentic korean cuisine” experience.

  5. and I disagree with the watermelon ice pop being cute.. the lady holding it though is VERY CUTE 🙂

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