Chilles: Mexican food for kiddies.

The Bacolod Food Hunters were pleased that a new restaurant/eatery had opened in their neighborhood.

“Could this be the next Pamilya Grill?” Martin wondered.

The Bacolod Food hunters then trooped to Chilles to have dinner.

Chilles is located in Eroreco Subdivision.  It is by the main road and located next to a laundromat.  An enterprising home owner had the bright idea of converting his front lawn to two business establishments.

Chilles at night.

The main dining/eating area is located to the left.

The wall is crumbling and a gay guy is checking me out... *gulp*

The staff was helpful and polite and explained to us that their main market is geared towards elementary/highschool students from Saint Scholastica.

Very-student friendly prices
The cooking area is easily accessible and doubles as a serving/ordering location too.

After placing our orders it was time to eat!

Quesadillas with some onion salsa thingy.

The quesadillas were okay.. they had plenty of cheese and some meat and some weird onion salsa.

The burrito was interesting since it came with a red tomato sauce and had some weird tasting rice in it.  It was mostly rice but there was some beef too..

It came with a lot of the weird onion salsa which we pushed to one side of the plate to get it away from the burrito.

This was topped generously with DRIED herbs and onion salsa. Ugh. Other than that, this was an ok burrito for 50 pesos.

The nachos were the most delicious part of the meal, mostly because they used cheese powder covered snack chips from munsterrific.  The chips were good.  The onion salsa covering them was NOT.


Chilles is an ok place to eat if you’re a high school and elementary student.  They have large servings and you get a lot of value for your money- or allowance.   Chilles is an ok place to eat and has a lot of potential in capturing its target customers –  kids.



Getting hit on by a gay guy at Chilles was just WEIRD!!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. marie says:

    Perhaps when you took the photo he interpreted it as a sign of interest? Very nice blog, by the way 😀

  2. mexican hottie says:

    Where’s the exact location?:)

  3. nancy_drew says:

    have you eaten at Spice Kitchen? it used to be in front of the USLS- IS but now they’re inside the university. They also have another branch at Territoryo .
    I think it’s a cheap and nice alternative to Mexican food. the Shawarmitas are a must-try. 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:

      yes, we’ve tried it.. the one beside nene’s.

  4. Arabelle says:

    You guys should eat at Fogo Grill! They serve the best mexican food I’ve ever eaten! It’s located in the Dream 21 building beside Bob’s main

    1. Martin Banana says:

      I went there along with my 7 Korean students. The food was ok the service was not. 🙂 We were told that there was no service water so we decided to buy our water from the grocery store instead.The rude waiter then told us it was not allowed. I got very angry and told him that you don’t even have service water for your guests eating spicy food. My students don’t like drinking soda. We really were on the verge of going to the Chinese restaurant across fogo which had more customers. Fogo only had two tables full, the Chinese place was packed. Now after experiencing horrible service we now know why fogo was next to empty during lunchtime.

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