Silay’s 14th Adobo festival!

It’s Cinco de Noviembre and the Bacolod Food Hunters were off to the Adobo and muscovado festival in Silay!

It was a perfect sunny morning and the crystal blue sky smiled down on the beautiful city of Silay which was decked out in tiny flags.

The huge garden of Balay Negrense was packed with people enjoying the adobo festival cook-off!

A festive mood was in the air!

Martin took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures while Joe and Pat bought the tickets and the food stubs.

People anxiously waiting for the chefs to finish their prepared adobo!

The judges were making their rounds and doing taste testing on the finished dishes.  There were a lot of photographers and eager foodies trailing behind them taking pictures of the various adobo creations.  Martin managed to get a few shots of the judging area. (Apologies in advance because it is so hard to take good pics when a crowd is jostling you. :-))

The first area was the “open to all” area.  This is where anybody can join and submit their adobo.

Adobo Shawarma!

Wow, Grilled Adobo belly with truffle oil!

Wow. Just wow.

There were also some dishes that used pasta.  Mmmm. Adobo and pasta!

I hope this dish looks as good as the presentation!
Seafood pasta and adobo!

There were also some dishes that looked so cute!

Black and white TUNA adobo!

Martin was able to get extremely close to this dish.  Hmm I wonder If I could pass as a judge? Just a taste please?


The faces of the chefs were tense and lined with worry as the judges moved around tasting their dishes.

A worried-looking chef watches as a judge tastes his creation.
A chef passionately explains his creation process to a judge.

Joe and Pat came back at this point with the tickets for lunch!  Now it was time to grab a bite to eat and visit the rest of the festival.

We ran into a few friends and familiar faces at the festival.

Guido and Gemma (Museum Cafe)were handing out little cheese appetizers and a novelty: Swiss chocolate covered adobo lollipop!

The Bacolod Food hunters had a good laugh over the chocolate covered adobo lollipop!

The Bacolod Food Hunters (L-R) Chef Adam, Dr Martin, Agent Joe and Atty Pat laugh it up as they sample the Museum Cafe's food
Chef Jp Anglo enjoys a very Negrense snack of Piaya and iced tea.

We were able to grab a table and check out the second judging table which contained adobo entries from the local government units.  They were pretty good too!

Presentation is a "win" on this one entry!
Presentation is a "win" on this entry! What is a balabal anyway?
Go! Gina Go!
Adobong Tikod Tikod.
Shawarma Adobo!
Adobo and Pancit. Those Brocolli florets look pretty scrumptious!
Dried Mushroom adobo

Okay, now it was time for lunch.  We took a quick peek at some of what they had to eat and took a couple of pictures.

Empanadas stuffed with Adobo. Perfectly fried. Oh and Fresh Lumpia with adobo.
Chicken stuffed with rice.
More Adobo!
Moar Adobo! (That adobo Tahong looks good!)

We had a great time at the adobo festival.  The event was a huge success!!  Keep it up city of silay!  Kudos to the cultural foundation of Negros!

Enjoy the free webcomic about this event!


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  1. Bacolod Food Hunters congratulations for being one of the finalists in the Philippine Blog Awards Visayas! THe Negros Bloggers are rooting for you. Hope to see you there! You guys ay also pre-register here

  2. Martin Banana says:

    Oh wow! thanks mam glady! I’ll get in touch with the others..

  3. dennis says:

    would be great if you could avail and publish the recipes as well

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