Mims Sausages

The number one guide to Bacolod Food and Restaurants:  The Bacolod Food Hunters.

The Bacolod Food Hunters were craving for sausages… bad.

“There’s an Angel’s Hamburger stand right next to the City Health office where I work”  Martin said.  “I have two hungarian sausages for breakfast daily.  They’re GREAT.”

“But that’s not a restaurant at all!” Pat pointed out.  “No one would want to take their families to eat standing UP.”

“We already did Imbiss a couple of years ago.  How about Mims this time”?

Mims is a bare-bones restaurant that is located near the robinson’s Shopping triangle where the old Tio Sid’s used to be.

Mims sausages

The only thing visible from street/eye-level is their banner with very attractive prices.

Are these really the prices? Really?! Wow!

So The Bacolod Food Hunters walked in and sat at a table.  The place looks like a carinderia rather than a place that serves burgers. It felt very unusual to see half empty jars of candies and an aluminium food display case as if the place was a turo-turo joint.

This place...looks hot. We quickly monopolized the only existing stand fan.

Be warned, the food takes quite a while to cook so have patience!

We got our sausages and burgers.  The sausages were only limited to hungarian and only HUNGARIAN because the server conveniently forgot that some of us ordered the KRAMER sausage.  Never mind, we were too hungry at this point to care.

The sausages ARE pretty good!

The sausages were really good!  The server brought out a tray loaded with bottles of ketchup and mustard and we were soon happily munching away.

The burger ( I forget which one Joe ordered) was very good according to Joe, but he still tried the sausages!

Mims burger

Sausages and more sausages.. We’re headed to the art district next to try out a resto’s sausage platter!



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  1. rage says:

    Fellow foodies, we should change the English idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” into “Don’t judge a food joint by its facade”, and acknowledge it. LOL. 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:


  2. rage says:

    Yeah, used to pass this area, before they moved the bus terminal… Haven’t thought of trying it out due to the view. Although, the place is more presentable than the Tio Sid’s branch along the area, eh?

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