Flibby’s sweets and treats: Absolutely delicious cupcakes

The Bacolod Food hunters wanted something sweet to eat but we weren’t in the mood for cake and we had to watch our spiking blood sugar levels.

“How about Cupcakes?” suggested Pat.  “They’re tiny and you guys won’t over eat.”

With that thought in mind, we headed over to Flibby’s.

Flibby’s is found at Sarmiento Bldg, door no 5 Burgos Extension. (Near Lopues’ east.)  Their shop is so cute with a tempting variety of cupcakes on display.

Due to the customers proximity to the display cabinet and the limited space to move about in, We couldn’t get decent photos of Flibby’s cupcakes.  (after all, it is VERY rude to shove aside people)  We tried our best.  🙂   They have lots and lots of red velvet cupcakes (Their specialty) and giant cookies on sale.

Sweets for the sweet.

Flibby’s red velvet cupcakes are exquisite!  Perfect for gifts and pasalubong!

Red velvet cupcake

We also tried this peach-mango cupcake but we couldn’t seem to be able to taste any hint of mango or peach.  It was so sweet.

Peach-mango cupcake!

What flibby’s really excels in however is their character and customized cupcakes.  Absolutely adorable and beautiful cartoon characters spring to life on their cupcake toppers.  Please visit their facebook page and check out their photos.    (http://www.facebook.com/Flibbys)

I am so ordering pirate-themed cupcakes from Flibby’s for the Bacolod Food hunter’s halloween/masskara party.  Or probably Casper the friendly ghost.   Sorry guys, Invitation only.

For those interested, Flibby’s landline is at (034) 4760701.  Give them a ring!  🙂


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  1. Winford says:

    those are pretty impressive cupcakes. that red velvet specially looks scrumptious!

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