Krek’s Soft Opening: Batchoy and Cansi

The Bacolod Food Hunters noticed that a new restaurant had opened beside Red Basil Thai. It looked very nice and it was quite inviting.

“What’s it called?” asked Smile.

“It’s called…Krek’s?” Martin answered (he had the sharpest eyes of TBF)

Yudiputa? Krek’s?” Mike laughed.. “Daw ka weird!”

Mike couldn’t be blamed. The name of the restaurant sounded like a street carinderia.

As usual, the Bacolod Food Hunters had to try it out.


As soon as The Bacolod Food Hunters entered the place, they gasped in delight.

Gorgeous Interior!

“This place is gorgeous!” Martin gushed.

The Bacolod Food Hunters were expecting a totally exotic menu. Pat grabbed a menu and made a face at the rest of us.

“Their specialties are Batchoy and Cansi.”

We were totally floored.

Batchoy and a totally excellent bottle of Buro Buro calamansi juice
Krek's sisig


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