Dana Mini mart: Korean Grocery, Snacks, Noodles and Ice cream

The Bacolod Food Hunters had been to Dana Mini mart before when it had just opened.  A few months later, they finally got their act together and now they’ve become a popular hotspot for students craving Bunggeopang (fish shaped ice cream) and korean snacks like Kimbap and spicy korean noodles. (You’ll also find beef bulgogi here.)

Dana Minimart
Dana Minimart

Dana Minimart also sells a wide range of korean products and spices.  Perfect for those who want to cook their own korean food.

Sorry for the blurred image! Cam hand slipped

The owner/manager told us that you could have them cook up your kimbap or prepare your noodles for you while you wait.

Jibaein-nim (Mr.Manager) and his wife preparing a lunch.
The owner's daughter watches as the staff prepare my kimbap
100 pesos gets you a kimbap, adding kimchi and toppings to your noodles 10 pesos, most expensive thing on the menu is 150 pesos! Not bad!
Spam Kimbap is ready!!
Customers enjoying their spicy instant noodles with kimchi and vegetable toppings!

The Bacolod Food Hunters must-get item from this korean store is their Ottogi ready made curry.  Martin used to buy it all the time in Manila to make his signature dish, Curry Rice!

Ottogi curry - this is the good stuff

Japanese Curry and Korean curry is totally unlike the way Filipinos make their curry.  The Japanese and Koreans like their curry thick with an almost sauce like quality.

To make The Bacolod Food hunters’s Curry Rice, first heat up the Ottogi curry packet, cook up some japanese rice or thailand fragrant rice, fry up some chicken fingers then pour the curry sauce all over the fried chicken fingers.  Yum!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Miez says:

    I get my Melona – Melon Ice Cream fix here at 45 a stick.

  2. Pia says:

    I would like to make a correction to your post, they do serve beef bulgogi. 🙂

  3. Martin Banana says:

    Thanks Pia! 😀

    Miez, Melona is great!

  4. Peanut's Mom says:

    they’re closed. any idea where they might have transferred? Oh I hope they just relocated. Mind you they have the best kimchi and kimchi jiagae (soup) in the city.

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