Sander’s Coffee and Sausages

One of the restaurants that The Bacolod Food Hunters have always wanted to try is Sander’s Coffee and Sausages.  Since Martin works near Sander’s he was given the task of reviewing the coffee shop.


Old Sanders

Sanders is a very nice and comfy cofee shop despite its age and faded exterior.  It has a lot of regulars sitting around enjoying cups of coffee and just chatting.

The cosy interior of sanders. Can You say "Wood Paneling"?

Martin asked the waitress what the regulars always have to eat at sanders.  She suggested the house coffee and some spareribs which are their best sellers.    Since Martin doesn’t drink coffee he decided to have a milkshake and a Hungarian sausage instead.  (Hey, the sign did say Sander’s Coffee and SAUSAGES so might as well have a sausage).

Sanders has the worst MILKSHAKE ever!  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ORDER their effing milkshake!    It was simply crushed ice and nonfat milk mixed together.  It was so disgusting Martin took one sip and ordered a soda instead. The Hungarian sausage Martin ordered disappointed him since he had recently bought a pack of sausages from SM grocery and it was the exact same sausage that Sander’s had.


The next time the Bacolod Food Hunters dine at Sander’s they’ll take the waitress’ advice and order the house special (Spare ribs!) and the brewed coffee.


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  1. hungrymaricar says:

    hey, ilove their foods.haha especially the chicken pesto and uhm…pork sisig which is 90 bucks with iced tea. 🙂 nice place to drink and dine. good luck nex time. hope you can visit there again sure thing you”ll not regret their other meals. 🙂

  2. disgruntled customer says:

    serving of sisig is very small. the diameter of the fried egg that i got was bigger even.

    also, some drunk guy holding a pale pilsen that i’m assuming as the owner, sat next to me and told me that they were not entertaining customers that are playing cards as it may attract and influence other customers to also play cards in their resto. really??? do you even know what Magic The Gathering Cards are? we played in Starbucks and Korean Grill Bar and nobody complained about it. why here? or was he just telling us to GTFO because we weren’t ordering any more food/drinks. but the place wasn’t even full!

    well, at least, the waiters tried to apologize. and, on the bright side, the beer was really cold.

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