Doing the “Twist” at the Sugarland Hotel.

The Bacolod Sugarland Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Bacolod  city.  It used to be one of the premium hotels but unfortunately had to close down for a time following the infamous airplane crash of 1998.  Lots of finger pointing was done including the bizarre reason that the pilot was unable to land due to the height of the hotel (which resulted in the management having to demolish of the top floor of the hotel.)

Thirteen years after the incident, a bit of research shows the accident was due to a combination of pilot and mechanical error. 

Revisiting sugarland hotel

It has been so long since we’ve entered Sugarland hotel and we were so pleased to see that the hotel had underwent a lavish renovation that made the place feel sumptuous.

The inviting and well designed lobby/waiting area

The inside is simply gorgeous

The entrance hall

The lobby’s main draw is the restaurant named TWIST.  It is a pleasant and comfy area tucked away at the side of the lobby.

Twist's interior.

Martin B, being invited to a hotel buffet lunch in the adjoining ballroom knew that Hotel food would be overpriced (as it is in all hotels).  He decided to try Twist’s dessert Death By chocolate.

Death by Chocolate

The Verdict: Well, If Martin were 18 years younger he’d absolutely love this dessert since it was chockful of rich chocolate icing and chocolate ganache.  It was more sweet than “chocolatey” It’s the kind of stuff kids would like. For adults maybe a spoonful or two would be enough before your tastebuds get bored.

Fortunately Martin was invited to an affair in the nearby Sugarland Ballroom which served an excellent buffet lunch!  Sugarland hotel has some excellent cooks!

Fish Lumpia, Breaded Fish and some pasta

The Main thing that martin kept coming back for more was their eggplant lasagna and carrot cake!

A bunch of other stuff


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