Sha-er-gi Korean Restaurant

The Bacolod Food Hunters recieved a tip from one of their friends that there was a Korean restaurant in Bacolod that combined art and paintings by local Negrense artists with Korean Food.  It was a saturday night and we had really wanted to go to Sodam korean restaurant (also recommended to us by a friend) but since Martin is a very patriotic negrense the mere mention of “negrense art” gave him a boner and so he insisted we e only to go to Sha-er-gi.

Sha-er-gi is located at second floor Mayfair plaza.  The only thing that you will see of the restaurant from the street is a not so enticing sign in Lurid red saying “KOREAN RESTAURANT.”  above Bistro Negrense’s sign.

We entered and we were surprised at what we found inside.  Beautiful paintings by negrense artists hung upon the walls.  A tiny hallway was lined with paintings.  To our surprise Sha-er-gi was FULL OF LOCALS happily dining!

One of the beautiful art at sha-er-gi

We were offered two recently vacated tables.  One was in a tiny nook stuffed with art and the other offered a view of Lacson street.  Thinking that the view of lacson street was slightly more interesting than art, Martin suggested we sit at the Lacson street table.. Which turned out to have a horrible view since airconditioning vents that were not seen while standing obscured the view as we sat.

I gave up the cosy nook filled with art- for this ?!

Martin could only stare enviously at the art area (which was obstructed by a plant thingy and now taken by some diners)

They took our table! No!!

Sha-er-gi’s bar was artistically designed, packed full of Shoju bottles.  The staff was very accommodating and quick, bustling around taking orders.

Sorry for the crap pics. The restaurant was almost full, barely had room to maneuver.

The food arrived.  First was the appetizer course which had free refills (only three free refills!)

Kimchi, Baby potatoes, cucumber salad and a kangkong like veggie that tasted like bacon

We had the Korean back ribs and Yang nyeom chicken.


The ribs were a bit too sweet for our taste.  It was tender and well done but we’ve had better tasting ribs at Lord Byrons, Bob’s and pamilya grill.

Yang Nyeom chicken, which is fried battered chicken covered in a spicy sweet sauce.

We ordered their fish ice cream and were pleasantly surprised to get a complimentary free dessert from the owner, who invited us to try their new branch soon to open in front of Robinson’s.

Ice cream cake!

Try sha-er-gi! The pictures we took of it are crappy since there were so many people dining.  It’s like dining at a fine art gallery.  Be sure to take the coveted art nook!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. remi says:

    indi sila mahal? my husband likes korean food matry man da bi namon…thanks for posting

    1. Martin Banana says:

      The price… well that depends talaga if you want to order a lot of food or not. It’s so hard to judge a restaurant on price alone. The place IS very nice. It’s like dining in a museum. Try and come early to grab the coveted “art” nook.

  2. rage says:

    You may order by half… BTW, Martin B., is that their presentation of the ice cream cake? i got mine shaped like a fish. Tried Sid’s King Burger (w/ everything) at Tindalo branch (green walls) few days ago.. Sodam’s my next stop… more power, BFH!!! happy hunting… 🙂

  3. iris says:

    Mga pila ang range? More than P1K

    1. Martin Banana says:

      no about 500-800 lang

  4. pepe says:

    for 2 we order the spicy pork and share , very very good , 250 lang.

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