Diamond palace

Diamond palace: Chinese Food

The Bacolod food Hunters were celebrating a birthday of one of it’s most beloved members and what better way to celebrate a birthday than a chinese banquet with the traditional noodles to wish the celebrant a long and happy life?

Diamond palace along 6th street Lacson

Diamond palace is like any other chinese restaurant in bacolod.  It’s a bit more convenient to dine at diamond palace since it is located near Lacson street and there is abundant parking nearby.  The menu could use a little more work since it was mostly text and no pictures to show the diners what they were ordering.  The Bacolod Food hunters ended up ordering “normal” chinese food since they didn’t want to order some mystery dish and end up with fried cat or snake! (This really happened on a 1990’s trip to China.  1 hour after lunch the tour guide cheerily announced that we had eaten fried cat.)

The interior of Diamond palace

We had ordered several dishes.  Let’s start with the ones we liked best.

We ordered a great cold cut platter which had plenty of assorted stuff like char siu pork, soy chicken, century eggs, sea urchin, innards and Lechon Macau.  It came with hoisin sauce as dip.

Cold cuts and assorted roasts!

We also ordered some sweet and sour fish which was great because it came breaded and crisp and the sauce wasn’t too sweet.

Sweet and sour fish

The seafood noodles were a “miss” since the seafood was mostly bland stuff like squid, shrimps and some assorted stuff that people didn’t enjoy. The noodles were well done and firm which made up for the “blah-blah” flavour of the dish.

Seafood noodles. Only order this if you really like squid

We didn’t have their roast duck but I sneaked a shot of it just the same.

Roast duck!

The last dish was a favourite with the kids since they love chicharon.. It’s the ever so popular crispy pata!

cholesterol delite!

Diamond palace is one of the more accessible Chinese restaurants in Bacolod.  Give it a try.. The food’s okay.

7 comments on “Diamond palace: Chinese Food

  1. Nice to see you tried Diamond already. You forgot to order their soyed chicken, which is one of their specialties, especially when they have imported Hong Kong chicken 🙂

    • Martin Banana

      Haha, its ok, we always order soy chicken in chinese restaurants so we were kinda tired of eating it. Will try it next time we’re in the mood for soy chicken

  2. abaw gin kopya naman entry mo sa skyscraper…

    • Martin Banana

      hahahaha. its ok lang. this time all the images have watermarks.

  3. How was the service? 1st time I went there, it took almost an hour for the food to arrive.. Never ate there since, though…

    • Martin Banana

      Service was ok. Then again, we were the only ones eating at the restaurant.

  4. We have only been to one Chinese restaurant in Bacolod so I can’t compare to others here but I did work in San Francisco, Ca for many years and ate at some of the better ones there. The difference between the Diamond Palace and those are mainly the lower prices and bigger portions. We have eaten there twice and the food and service is top notch. A lot of ethnic food in the Philippines’ seems to be modified for local taste. In our opinion, the Diamond Palace did not fall into this trap, therefore, pretty authentic Chinese albeit American style.

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