Mongol Bowl: Eat like a mongol (bonus: Plants vs Zombies arcade in SM!)

The Bacolod Food Hunters have a strange love/hate relationship with Mongolian Barbeque.

Martin loves Mongolian Barbeque.  The other Bacolod Food hunters don’t.

“How can you eat that stuff? It’s gross!” Joe moaned when Martin revealed that they would be visiting Mongol Bowl.

“And what is wrong with Mongolian Barbeque?  It’s got rice, veggies, squid, chicken and all sorts of stuff mixed up together.  It’s good for you.” Martin retorted.

Joe turned bright red.

“That’s what’s wrong with it.. Mixing it up!  It’s… It looks a lot like pig swill or damug when you mix up your food like that!”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Mongol Bowl

Mongol bowl is located beside Jollibee LaSalle.  It’s a small but quiet place where you can order eat all you can Mongolian bbq or you can chose to have a single bowl instead.

Make your bowl

You can mix together a wide variety of veggies, seafood meats and sauce and have them cook it for you.  Martin prefers to make something that he calls the Spicy squid bowl..

Grab a lot of squid, place in the bottom of the bowl…tamp it down well with a spoon.  Next grab some squid balls and place it on top of the packed squid. tamp it down with a spoon as well.   Grab assorted veggies but hold back on the turnips… some noodles and just a smidgen of chicken meat.

Choose your sauce

Mix in a ratio of 1 sweet and sour sauce tbsps to 3 spicy sauce tbsps. Include a lot of tofu, garlic and a lot of sesame oil. Add crushed peanuts and if you’re feeling brave enough, add chilies.


“What the hell are you doing?” Joe pointed to Martin’s bowl which had assumed epic proportions.. Veggies were spilling off. A lone squid ring shook itself loose from the mound and rolled under a table.

“It’s okay to overtop your bowl!” Martin assured Joe.  “The heat will make everything shrink anyway!”

Told you it would shrink!

Anyway since Mongolian barbeque is about veggies how about this for a bit of news:

On a totally unrelated note:  Fans of the game Plants versus Zombies can now try their hand at winning adorable stuffed toys at SM!

Fans mob the arcade machines!

Crowds try their best to win stuffed toys from the game!

A lot of cute veggies are here!

Sunflowers, corn and Melons!

Zombies and taters!




The machines are located in front of Ace Hardware.  Grab your toys now before they get smart and weaken the claws so you can’t get anything at all.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. MJA says:

    Dayaon ni nga hampang!!abi ko maka kuha na ko kay gali 1 second lang ga release na ang happened several times already to the point gin buyayaw ko na ang ga bantay!!”leche,gapangwarta lang kamo!!”

  2. tatz says:

    sn png SM yng my crane machine??

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