Hanayaka: Japanese restaurant and Botique?

The Bacolod Food hunters finally had the time to check out Hanayaka.  Located near La Salle, Hanayaka looks ordinary from the outside.


Inside is a dining area and off to the sides are shelves with various goods from “japan”.  (Most probably the goods are from the local Daiso japanese thrift shop that is popping up in Manila.  Martin recognized a few Daiso exclusive items)

The pretty dining area

We took a look at their menu. Hanaya seemed limited to the ubiquitous tonkatsu (not shown in the menu) and they offer several different kinds of tamayaki and chicken wing dishes and gyoza.    Not very enticing..

The menu.  There's more tamayaki on the back page if one really loves tamayaki.

We ordered gyoza.  As soon as it came to the table we knew it was a disaster.  The oil wasn’t hot enough for frying so it had soaked into the gyoza and made it soggy.  The gyoza was store-bought gyoza.  The kind you find frozen in bags in the imported from japan section of robinsons or sm.

Ew. Gyoza glistening with oil

We had more fun poking around Hanayaka’s goods.  Even though the prices were double than that of the 99 peso Daiso thrift store, we still bought some stuff!

Want some bowls?
Cute socks

We found something that we really liked and we bought it!  It was a japanese kite which you could hang in your room for good luck!

Cool find!

We also found some japanese woodblocks with calligraphy on them of famous Japanese proverbs.  We didn’t buy them cause we couldn’t find a proverb we liked but we still thought the whole thing was cool.


We also found some high quality prints that were perfect as posters.  Unfortunately we didn’t find anything we liked but some were really nice like the lady shown in this print.

Nice posters

Want some Japanese dolls? Then these geisha are just right for you!

A trio of geisha.

Hanayaka is a fun place to visit. The food isn’t that great though.  We wish the owner would focus more on the store and the quality of the items Hanayaka sells (stock more cool stuff please!) Since most of the stuff appeals to girls, maybe Hanayaka should focus on desserts and coffee to tempt female customers.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. kim says:

    where exactly near La Salle can I find Hanayaka? i’m thinking of checking the place out. hope you could help me. thank you.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      in front of Tacoritto… beside quan lasalle on the way to Saint scholastica academy

  2. jo says:

    in terms of coffee and pastries,of the ff., which is the best:
    1. Felicia’s
    2. Bob’s
    3. Calea
    4. Bascon
    5. Starbucks
    6. Kuppa

    thank you so much

    1. Martin Banana says:

      All are great except for Starbucks. Starbucks is a stupid global brand that is not even popular in Bacolod since most people would go to the other better restaurants.

      1. I agree with you Martin! I think people who go to Starbucks Bacolod are just there para magpa into. 😉 Why pay 150 for a frap that you can get in Bobs for 100? And mas namit pa sa Bobs!

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