Isla pala pala: Fine dining at the Shopping Triangle!

Isla pala pala located at the Triangle in Shopping is one of the newest and most interesting restaurants that Bacolod has to offer its visitors.  It is located in a triangular shaped shopping area that locals have fondly nicknamed the “Triangle”

Brightly colored banners adorn the entrance to the restaurant

The inside of Isla pala pala makes use of natural lighting during the day.  Paintings and native art hang from the walls  and strips of white cloth adorn the ceilings along with several very “special”decorations that make visiting Isla pala-pala a must visit on anyone’s list.

These decorations are toys and sculptures made from bits of plastic, discarded bottles and parts of other discarded toys! They caught our attention and we spent so much time in the restaurant looking at them and marveling at how they were made, we didn’t notice that the food had already arrived!  It seemed like we were in Sid’s room with the mutant toys from Toy story! 

A mutant fish swims above the dining room
Bubbles on a motorcycle...with a fish?
A motorcycle chimera with the head of a motorcycle and the rear end of a lion

One of the most fantastic pieces is a mannequin made from wood and pieces of dolls.  Creepy/disturbing?  or strangely cute?

The green kitty peeking over her shoulder is so cute!!

The food finally arrived.  We had ordered typical Filipino food.  The food was ok lang.  The veggies were very fresh especially the ones used in the kinilaw and the chopsuey.  Service was great – bordering on obsessive compulsive as our over zealous waiter was jumping about, pouring drinks.  At one point he even started cleaning up a minor spill on the table while we were dining.  He also noticed Martin having difficulty reaching for the plate of crispy pata and rushed forward to place it within reach all without being asked to.  Wow!  What great service.

Crispy pata
Chop suey

Isla pala pala is awesome!  Take your kids along to see the mutant toys especially after they’ve seen Toy Story!


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  1. Big Al says:

    Service remains very good and fast. The interior with heavy wooden furniture (probably from the DIY store next door) is remarkable for a foreigner. The chairs alone weigh a ton. Hard to imagine what the tables must take to be carried.

    Food was surprisingly good as I didn’t expect much from a restaurant in this location with almost no outside signs whatsoever. Just stumbled across this blog entry.

    Really liked the Kinilaw Tangigue there. Also ordered the 200g Tuna for appetizer, but it was frozen inside. Not sure if that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but I had to disect the whole thing and let it warm up before consuming. The other dishes that we ordered were also tasty and … service made sure we didn’t suffer from thirst, constantly refilling glasses and taking re-orders.

    Pleasant surprise. Will be back. Don’t think those toys are meant for kids though.

  2. hannah says:

    how about the price?? compared to 18th st. pala pala?

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