Mongkok noodle house

The Bacolod Food hunters were feeling a bit under the weather.  The frequent rains had given them a case of the flu.

“I want something nice and warm.. like soup” complained Martin.

One of the Bacolod Food hunters suggested going for some Noodles.  We all piled into the car and headed to Terra Dolce where Mongkok Noodle house was located.


Mongkok at Terra Dolce
Mongkok's Menu.

Mongkok was packed with diners having their sunday lunch!

Chinese Lanterns and rabbit cut-outs hang above the diners heads.

Martin was feeling sick so he settled for some Chinese comfort food (a big bowl of Pork Congee) while the others ordered other things for lunch.

Mongkok's Pork Congee.

The bowl of congee was huge! It was served piping hot which relieved Martin’s stuffy nose and made him feel much better.  The others had ordered noodles (Pancit) which came with strips of chinese barbecued pork (Char siu)  and generous amount of shrimp and vegetables.

Mongkok's Pancit

Other more traditional food that we ordered was Mongkok’s Soy Chicken and some beef dimsum.

Soy Chicken
Beef siomai

Mongkok’s prices range from 100-300 pesos (a bit pricy) but you get huge plates and huge portions, perfect for sharing or for family lunches.   They also offer merienda dishes (100-150) which are smaller sized versions of their main dishes.  Mongkok also has an extensive offering of dimsum.   This place is very family friendly with long tables which can seat 10 people at once.

A family enjoying lunch at mongkok

Side note: It took Martin 30 minutes to demolish that bowl of Congee all by himself.  That’s how big it was!


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  1. Cym says:

    You guys should try Diamond Palace on 6th street (near Felicia’s/Waterman). It serves really great, authentic Chinese food. You should try their salt & pepper spareribs, hot & sour soup — and their garlic rice! It’s the best garlic rice in Bacolod! 🙂

    1. monkey business says:

      Diamond Palace!?LOL!Their steamed lapu lapu is a huge disappointment for us. When all our food has been served at the table, we looked for the lapu lapu where is it and to our great surprise, it looks like a fat of a pork served on top of many pechays! it doesn’t taste like a fish too!we expected a whole lapu2 with many side dish veggies (as what seen on tv!).And their orange chicken tastes very very very tangy!!the lemon (or orange) overpowered the taste of the chicken!To the point that we haven’t finish the food and we just wasted our 1500 here!

      1. Cym says:

        I tried Diamond Palace’s Orange Chicken and didn’t like it either. But our family has never had any complaints about the steamed lapu2x — we usually order it two ways, the head made into a soup with tofu, and the body steamed with soy sauce. To each his own I guess 🙂

  2. Cym says:

    If you like Soy Chicken, Diamond also has a great version of the dish 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Cym thanks for the tip! We’ll try it out cause we love soy chicken!

      1. Cym says:

        No problem! Hope you write a review about it! Good or bad, I look forward to reading it.
        (I’m not connected to the owners, we’re just big fans of good Chinese food :))

  3. bloodyhungry says:

    I like mongkok, apollo & lan ten, but great wok i is my favourite chinese resto. Their 88 peso value meals with yang chow rice, soup, drinks, veg and choice of meats or fish is unbeatable

    1. Cym says:

      L’Sea’s shrimp dumplings are also great 🙂

  4. foodismyvice says:

    For authentic Chinese food, try Golden Fortune at Luxor Hotel Bldg right next to Teleperformance…..their alimango is bursting with aligue and sizzling eel are the best! You see them live in the aquarium before being cut up served for you. They also have the best crispy pata. A little bit pricey for Bacolod market though.

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