Red Basil Thai Bacolod: Thailand food

Red Basil Thai is a cute tiny restaurant located near Saint Scholastica’s academy.  Although it is tiny, the restaurant is tastefully decorated and it has a very pleasant atmosphere.

Red Basil Thai
Such A Cute tiny restaurant!

The Bacolod food hunters went to have dinner at Red Basil Thai.  As soon as we were seated, we immediately began to ask the waiter about the house speciality, what could he recommend and what was spicy and what was not.  Martin and Joe wanted the spicy stuff: (BRING IT ON!) while Pat was like; (ARE YOU TWO INSANE?)

Spicy! Spicy!

The waiter gamely stepped up to the task and recommended several dishes and a Thai milk tea.

We had the milk tea.  It came in a tall glass and it was sweet.   Martin remarked that it tasted like creamy caramel candy.  Pat thought it was a bit too sweet.

Milk tea.. it's a must try.

While the food was cooking, Martin took the opportunity to snap a few more pictures of the place.

This place is lovingly decorated with thai art, while strips of mirrors on the walls make the room seem more comfortable and home-like.
Even the space above the utility cabinet has some art!

The food began to arrive.  It looked and smelled great!

Thai fried rice.
Beef with Basil. This came in a totally excellent sauce.
Cream Dory.
Spicy Green Chicken Curry!

Even though we had requested the Chicken curry to be not spicy, Pat couldn’t handle it so Joe and Martin practically had the curry to themselves.  It was really good on hot rice.

Martin liked the food so much he returned the next day to order MORE food!

Green Mango salad with fish

The Green Mango Salad was totally excellent! It had generous portions of breaded fish on top of a bed of grated green mangos and crushed peanuts with just a sprinkling of chili.  It came with a sweet vinegar dressing.

We also ordered the Pandan chicken and Thai spring rolls.  Nothing remarkable about these, except that they came served with sweet chili sauce on the side.

Pandan chicken
Thai Spring Rolls

Since we had the Green Curry before, we tried the Penang Red curry.  It was HOT! It was very good, with crushed peanuts in the curry and it made Martin SWEAT so much and it stimulated his nose glands so much that he had a fit of sneezing. It was a bit embarassing because he had the waiter return several times to the table with fresh glasses of water! (And he had the waiter refill the paper napkins because he used up all the napkins to wipe up his sweat.)

For those who love their food HOT and SPICY, This is the curry to chose!

Red Curry

Red Basil Thai is a really nice place to take a small group out for dinner.  The place is nice and cosy and you and your guests will feel at home.  The serving staff is well mannered and very knowledgeable about the food.   Expect to spend about 500+ for a dinner for two.

Red Basil Thai is open Tuesdays -Sundays 11am-2pm/6pm-10pm  They accept take out orders  and reservations.

Please call (034)476-8620


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Big Al says:

    Thanks for your blog. We’re genuinely new to Bacolod and take your information to point us to restaurants near our residing area that seems to be close to your hunting grounds as well.

    The Red Basil Thai was one of the first restaurants we’ve visited here outside of the food chains in SM, or Robinson’s.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to share your positive spicy experiences in the Red Basil Thai. Although being used to the great Thai food, the size and taste of the food here leaves a bit to be desired when compared to the “original”. Portions are way too small for me, but that might be a personal problem. Prices are accordingly not on the great bargain side, but the quality overall is decent as is the ambience of the interior. The decor is really tasteful for such a small place IMO.

    After 3 visits I’m not as excited about the place any longer as I was when finding a Thai restaurant right in the neigbborhood. Being right up my alley… but not quite after all.

    In their defense, it’s a little place and they’ve specialized on a small menu, which should ensure quality of the dishes rather than shelling out 50 more dishes, which are just derivatives and/or simply not as good.

    As of now there’s only one waiter, but that should be enough considering the size of the place and its usual traffic. In high times, he’s quite a bit on his heels, but tries to be friendly and accomodating, although speed becomes an issue. So when the place is full, I won’t be taking the last seat any more. Other than that I’ve felt invited and well served.

  2. lloyd says:

    do they accept credit cards here? tnx

  3. Lydia says:

    Hello. Heard this site from my cyber classmate at OU. hehe!! WOw! you guys make me really hungry now.. I’m really drooling. I love those thai food here! Darn! I should have went with my mom. She’s in Bacolod now, probably eating again….
    I’ll definitely be back there anytime soon. And I’ll surely check your site for recommendations. It would be nice if you can also give us information on restaurants rates, too. πŸ™‚
    I would love to meet you guys and dine with everyone! πŸ™‚ cheers!

  4. Meme says:

    Hi there,

    Is the restaurant owner a Thai? One day, I like to try Thai food cooked in Bacolod if it’s the same taste with those I’ve been eating in Thailand for 18 years. See u soon, kha.

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