Tio Sid’s American Grilled Burger: A taste of America in Bacolod

It seems that a lot of people in Bacolod really love their burgers.  We’ve gotten so many comments and e-mails about hamburgers in Bacolod!  Well, for those who love their hamburgers, we’ve got a very special restaurant for you.

Tio Sid’s Burger is located on Bacolod’s 21’st street at 21 Food park.  Like most restaurants in Bacolod, it is a simple open-air resto with plastic tables and plastic chairs.

When we got there, we hoped to order the house specialty the giant burger.  Unfortunately they were all sold out!  We decided to try the other burgers instead.  Ilovepork and Mike being regular customers at Tio sid’s quickly gave recommendations on the best burgers to order.

Ilovepork was particularly enthusiastic about the quality of Tio Sid’s burgers.  He heaped praises on how fresh and juicy the burgers were.   Mike, being a fat f*ck kept on talking about how amazing the giant burger was.

“It’s as big as the plate, guys!  It’s HUGE!”  His comments made us even hungrier than ever.

While the burgers were being cooked Martin took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures.

Across from Tio Sid’s is some very high quality graffiti.

A view of Tio Sid’s counter.

Finally the burgers were done!  Everybody enjoyed their orders!  Big Brother liked his burger so much he ordered an extra burger.

The Burgers quickly disappeared!

Since the Bacolod Food Hunters were ravenous at this point, Martin had trouble preventing them from waiting long enough for him to snap photos of the food!

The Regular Burger.  Big Brother liked it so much he ordered TWO.

Regular Burger. Comes with Cheese!

Martin had a double burger.  The burger was funny looking but it didn’t matter much.  Taste is everything!

Double Burger

How was the double burger?  It was soft, Well Done, tender and extremely well-seasoned and juicy.  Each bite was perfection..  Martin didn’t need to add hot sauce or ketchup at all.


A guest member had the A1 burger.

A1 USA Burger

We really enjoyed Tio Sids burgers despite not being able to order their famous house specialty.   Ilovepork and Mike remarked that next time we should have called ahead to place orders.

There you have it you burger-crazed Bacolenos.  Try Tio Sid’s American Burgers.  We’re certainly returning to try their Giant Burger.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Bob Riker says:

    Good to see you guys being active again. It’s been a long time!

  2. i’m gonna try this out soon

  3. Pipsqueak says:

    I’ve tried it, and its DAMN GREAT!!!!!

  4. puto says:

    this burger doesn’t look great because of buns’ odd shape…

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Do you eat with your EYES or your mouth?

  5. Ralya says:

    what time does this american grill burger open?? my friend and i went there for a burger lunch and it was closed..it looked like it closed for a while already because when we asked the neighboring carinderia, they dont even know that theres a nice burger kiosk in their place, the food park 21

  6. yodi says:

    which is more delicious tio sid or dalumbalay?..tnx

    1. Martin Banana says:

      dalumbalay i think…

  7. Hannah says:

    How much ila burger?

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Unfortunately nag close na sila. I can refer you to dalum balay burger which has burgers in the 95-150 range and is the only burger shop remaining

  8. pepe says:

    They havent quite closed yet, they have moved to homesite, just near the crossroads and going by a new name saying they were formerly tio sids.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Dalum Balay has cornered the burger market. The article we wrote on it is scheduled for this Febuary.

      I don’t know how much of this story I heard about Tio sid’s is true:

      An American named Sid put up the first branch. Due to marital problems and fighting among his Filipino in-laws he left the burger business to his wife and relocated to dumaguete.

  9. pepe says:

    Yes i remember him grilling the burgers himself when it first opened opposite the triangle where the spice bite indian place is now located. I am not a fan of dalum balay, but one of the best burgers in town, in my opinion anyway, is served at bluegrass in East view hotel and only 140 peso.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Haha is it the same east view hotel owned by jan Chris chua? We went to dlsu together, guy was very interested in cooking despite getting a business degree

  10. pepe says:

    Not sure on the owner, it is the big new hotel near lopues east.

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