Cioppino’s: Car wash + Italian food!!

The Bacolod Food Hunter’s car was looking a bit dusty so the Bacolod Food Hunters decided that it needed a wash.  The Hunter selected for this job was Martin!

Martin groaned because he gets bored really easily and waiting while the car gets washed is not his idea of a fun time.  It was a hot summer day too!  The thought of venturing out from his arctic-cool room just to get the car washed made him feel sick and queasy.

Fortunately a fellow Hunter mentioned Cioppino’s. It was a bit far from The Bacolod Food hunter HQ but the thought of a new restaurant to review encouraged Martin and off he went, Iphone in hand.

Cioppino’s is located in Mandalagan, right next to Convergys and right in front of a car wash.  Even when Martin got there, he had to ask around a bit because he couldn’t believe that the little cafe WAS Cioppino’s.  He was expecting something bigger.

Car wash, airsoft and a cafe! Not bad!

Cioppino’s is tiny but it has a large outdoor seating area where the car wash patrons could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for their cars to be cleaned.

Cioppino's outdoor area!

Martin walked in the main door and immediately selected the best seat in the house which was by the door (where he could be reached by the airconditioner!)

Patrons can dine and keep an eye on their car at the same time.

Cioppinos is TINY!  The owner was there setting up the place for a dinner party of 20.  He assured Martin that they were still serving lunch.  He recommended several dishes for Martin to try.    Martin thanked him and decided to go for Filet mignon since Martin had never tried it before.

Cioppino's is nice and cozy!

The Iphone was a blessing since it allowed Martin to take pictures without drawing too much attention to himself.  If he had used the regular food hunter cam, it would have been immediately noticed in a small place like Cioppino’s.

Finally the Filet Mignon arrived!  It was great! The beef was so soft and the gravy was extremely good.

Filet Mignon!

Martin had a great time at Cioppino’s.  The portions and the rice however were a bit on the small side and the meal was a bit pricy. 180 php for fillet mignon which in all honesty is just a fancy term for tenderloin steak.  Total bill was 225 for everything including one extra rice and a bottle of mineral water.

If you’re in the vicinity of Mandalagan and want a great snack,  try Cioppino’s sandwiches since they are quite large and they come with some HUGE fried Potato wedges!


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