Culinary adventures at Panaad!

The Bacolod food hunters were invited by Dr. Prm to visit the Binalbagan booth in the Panaad grounds in Mansilingan.  Martin took the opportunity to test out his new Iphone’s photo taking abilities.

Panaad is a weeklong event in which all the various towns and cities of Negros Occidental come and show off their products and food. It is a crowded, hot and sweltering place. Which is why the best time to visit it is on a weekday night!

There’s lots of fun things to do at Panaad! You can go drinking with your buddies, pick up cheap native handicrafts, gawk at the cultural presentation of each town and best of all, fill up on seafood and chicken inasal!  We were especially fascinated by the different varieties of dried fish!

People call this kind of fish "fish bone" or "Jurassic" after the movie Jurassic Park.
Tongue shells or "diwal"
Dried fish
More dried fish

Dr. Prm invited us to the Binalbagan booth. It was one of the nicest booths. I use the term “booth” loosely because in actuality each booth is more like a mini museum and a sari sari store as big as a house.

One of the booths cultural highlights was this machine gun left over from WWII

The best part of Panaad is the dining out experience. All sorts of goodies can be found! Each town tries to outdo one another and since it’s summer, each town exhibit explodes with a colorful display of native handicrafts and fresh fruit!

Chicken Inasal at the Binalbagan booth.
A family selects their chicken inasal.
Dresses! All export quality!
Jewelry for your bare hand...or foot.
Jewelry for your Bare hand or foot.
Squid! Ready to be roasted!!
Bottled oysters.

We had dinner at the Binalbagan booth. Dinner was fun since it was already late at night which meant that there were fewer people and the night air was cool and relaxing.

Dr. PRM with his little sister and his lovely wife.
Grilled pork and chicken.
The grilled squid.
Fish sinigang.
Char-broiled fish.
Dr. PRM explained to us how "chicken oil" is made. It is made by melting chicken fat and achuete together...
Chicken oil is good on rice!

We paid a quick visit to the La Carlota booth which was right beside the Binalbagan booth.  We decided to try their flavoured milks!

A freezer filled with various bottles of flavoured milk.

Dr. PRM got a bottle of UBE flavoured milk and a PANDAN flavoured milk for us to try.


Tips for visiting Panaad:

1.) If you REALLY REALLY want to eat seafood and exotic shellfish, go early in the morning when the fish is brought in fresh from the towns.  Eat only at nice and clean looking places.

2.) The best time to go is in the evening on a weekday since there will be less people and it will be cooler.  Going to Panaad at noon is SUICIDE.

3.) Bargains are best on the day that the Panaad festival closes.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marikoy says:

    If only I can eat the pictures, I will! Soooo delicious!!! I miss Bacolod foods so much. That grilled squid is so tempting! Hay….

  2. stella says:

    ay abaw!! hidlaw man ta sang food sa negros ba! Love the pics!! more power to your food and restaurant reviewing!! keep it up! asta na lang ko di anay enjoy sang food da!

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