Merry Christmas to All our Readers!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas!

Here are two of the dishes served at the Bacolod Food hunter’s christmas party.

Chicken Relleno.
Morcon, wine and Macaroni salad.

We also took the opportunity to take a few pictures around the city.

Greenoz's Pizza has opened a new branch in front of Imay's!
A new favourite of the Bacolod food hunters is Imay's Spicy squid. It is absolutely AWESOME!!
What would Christmas be without Crispy Pata?
A traditional Bacoleno activity: buying popcorn to feed the tilapia at the lagoon.
The capitol building spreads christmas cheer.
The Christmas tree at the Capitol Lagoon

We’d also like to wish our readers a Happy Year of the Tiger! 2010!

This absolutely cute statuette can be purchased at Chez Rose in Robinson's Bacolod. The tigers are SO CUTE!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Custer says:


    Help, Christmas is over. We’re dying for a new restaurant review. How about Joe Hawaii’s up by Loupes East.

    Wishing the Bacolod Food Hunters a wonderful 2010.


    1. Martin Banana says:

      We’re busy right now but hopefully in Three weeks we’ll be able to have new restaurants. (I’m in manila)

  2. Jim Custer says:


    Thank-you so much. That’s great news!! Have a good time in Manila.


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