Little Bread house: Delicious Jamaican Patties

Little Bread House is a tiny bakery in front of the college of San Agustin Bacolod.  It is small and unassuming.  At first glance, you would be tempted to dismiss it as an ordinary local bakery.

Little Bread House's cute sign

Once you enter, you notice that among the trays of bread that they sell, are trays of jamaican patties.  These patties are the speciality of Little Bread House.  They are fantastic!  They are cheap and delicious, priced at 25-28 pesos per patty!

Cheesy Tuna, Chili beef and Chicken mushroom patties

The Patties are generously-sized and well-stuffed  too.  One patty will fill you right up.  The Bacolod Food hunters suggest dropping by early in the morning when the patties are fresh from the oven.

A personal favorite: Chicken Mushroom patties



2 Comments Add yours

  1. jetjet says:

    i used to eat here when i was in college. and they really sell good stuff. you’re 20 pesos could go a long way…

  2. abby says:

    i love, love their chili beef patties!! yummmmy! –

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