Pendy’s: Posh and home like

One of the most elegant and expensive restaurants in Bacolod is Pendy’s on Lacson street.  When the Bacolod Food hunters heard that they were going to Pendy’s, complaints were heard from all around.

“It’s too expensive!”

“It’s too common!”

“It’s too POSH!”

Everyone doubled over in laughter after hearing the “posh” comment.  That settled it.  We were going to Pendy’s.

So posh
Pendy's: So posh

Pendy’s is located on Lacson street and it has a reputation for being the restaurant of choice of the rich people who live in Capitolville and Santa Clara.

We entered Pendy’s and we were immediately impressed by the elegant yet home-like atmosphere of the place.  You feel as if you’re dining in a very elegant sala.


Stunning Christmas decor.
Christmas Decor and a simplistic flower arrangement give the place an elegant feel

So Posh
So Posh

The tablecloths are changed after EVERY customer.
The tablecloths are changed after EVERY customer.

We sat down and we ordered the house specialty: Callos.  We also ordered an asparagus chicken sandwich (140 php) and another house specialty: Spareribs.

The food was fantastic!

The Callos was simply divine! It was stewed with lots of green peas, mushrooms, chorizo slices and potatoes which somewhat improved the taste of the soft tripe.  The serving was very generous and everyone in the Bacolod Food hunters heaped praises upon the callos.

The divine callos
The divine callos

The Spareribs were also very soft and every bit as enjoyable.   The serving was also very generous and came covered in a delicious sauce which goes very well with rice.  Upon tasting the spare ribs,  Berryblue proudly said that he would come back to Pendy’s more often from now on.


The only low part of the Pendy’s dining experience was the laughable Chicken Asparagus sandwich. It was expensive and it looked and tasted like something a third grader might have cookedup.

What!? Were paying 140 pesos for this!?
What!? We're paying 140 pesos for this!?

We enjoyed every bit of our Pendy’s dining experience (sans sandwich) and we couldn’t resist passing by their pasalubong area where matrons with enormous diamond rings and sparkling gold necklaces were doing their pasalubong shopping.

Pendy's carries the best gourmet pasalubong in Bacolod

Pendys well stocked pasalubong corner
Pendy's well stocked pasalubong corner

We bought some gingerbread men to torture munch over coffee at Cafe Bob’s.

John Gingerbread man, you have been found guilty of...
John Gingerbread man, you have been found guilty of...

Whenever you’re in Bacolod and you want to try out a “posh” restaurant, try out Pendy’s! It’s a good restaurant that may be pricey but it gives you good value for your money.  You won’t be disappointed.

Just don’t order the chicken asparagus sandwich.



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  1. eric says:

    pendy’s is one of the best places to dine. i used to frequent that place when i was still living in bacolod.

    it’s posh and quaint, but i dont think its expensive. the right word would be reasonable.

    1. Eric, it’s expensive now. Compared to the other restaurants in the city, it tops the list as the most expensive. A serving of their Pendy’s de Luxe sandwich now costs around P250. Back then it only cost P110. Also, you can eat French de Luxe in Kuppa for half the price.

      It might be reasonable for us because we no longer live in Bacolod. We have been fixated on the price range of the restaurants in Manila that we no longer see a P120 dish as expensive. In fact, I make the same mistake too. 🙂

      Still, Pendy’s will always be Pendy’s. Just like Bob’s, Calea, L’Sea and Kaisei, they are the ones that don’t need no explanation. They have established Bacolod and they will forever be the favorites of the locals. Even if there will be new restaurants, people will just go there to try them out. But at the end of the day, these 5 are the ones that they will always go home to. Just like us, we always look forward eating in these restaurants every time we go home. 🙂

  2. mark says:

    i visited a friend at capitolville and she asked me what i wanted for merienda, the first thing that came to my mind is the pancit guisado at pendy’s, i didn’t like their butter toast because they didn’t use anchor (butter).
    gone are the days when one has to go to panaderia de molo for the galletas, hojaldres and barquillos with goat’s milk, i can just go to pendy’s and get them plus other items like dolce gatas or magazines which makes the place convenient.

  3. merajoytotheworld says:

    thinking of peny’s napoleones and moon cakes makes my mouth water. too bad im in iloilo and i only get a chance to be at bacolod once in a while. but everytime i am in the city, pendy’s is something that i can not afford to miss.

  4. kesneil says:

    has anyone tasted their dinuguan?

    1. edra says:

      yes.. they have 2 types of dinuguan.. chicken and pork.. i just had pork dinuguan last night. it was good. generous serve as well.. good for 2-3 persons. =)

  5. adrienne says:

    expensive but super sarap!!!

  6. anekat says:

    Expensive true but not masarap …. Pendy’s has been in bacolod for sometime now and I think it needs to revamp and reinvent its menu worthy of their prices in today’s standard. It’s surprising that this restaurant have not adapted to changes over the years. Even Bob’s and 21 restaurants and Aboy’s have evolved to become one of the best food restaurants in bacolod.

    The serving at pendy’s is so ordinary, no presentation at all (so basic)…. a cheeseburger for a price of P200 with no lettuce in it … just a small mayo spread on it and a cheese probably sliced off from that commercially brand eden or magnolia cheese, with sidings of a very tiny slice of tomato and a slice of that small native onion (violet variety). the beef patty was so evenly thin… even the burgers from Dalum Balay Restaurant are way more better in taste and presentation at a cheaper price. Their all time favorite..the Spaghetti ala Pendy’s is much better that is if you like meat sauce mix with luncheon meat….

    On the upside, Pendy’s is so quite and private if you are meeting for business talks. Billing out is also fast because there are only few diners around…other than that, I have nothing else to say.

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