Aidas at Manokan country

Written by BerryBlue



Manokan Country is the Mecca of the famed Bacolod chicken inasal. All who visit Bacolod must pay homage to the holy chicken or else they cannot truly say that they ‘have been’ to Bacolod. It would be like going to Japan and never eating sushi, or Italy and never having pasta. I know you get it.

The line of restaurants

A long line of restaurants would greet you as soon as you arrive. And us true Bacolenos would instinctively choose the province of Aida’s in Manokan Country.

Aida’s Counter

Sometimes instincts fail us. In this respect Aida’s was a dreadful mistake. Like moths to a flame our appetites were ruined by the sheer atrociousness of the service by the waitresses. A prime example of how good food can be utterly destroyed by f*cked up service. Yes its so bad it got me cursing.

How do I hate Aida’s, let me count the ways:

1.) Patience is a Virtue Not for the Hungry. Food took forever to arrive, please I love it when you starve me.

2.) Last In First Served. The patrons who arrived substantially later than us were served first. I should have gotten there a day after if I wanted to be served now.

The Interior of Aida’s. Very Kitsch

3.) Coke to Coffee. We were served with slightly chilled Coke, when we asked for glasses with ice — we had to ask 4 times for it. By the time the ice arrived, our coke had turned luke warm. It could have been coffee for all we care.

Drizzle your rice with all the achuete oil you want before eating!

4.) The Pecho that Never Came. The table next to us were as aggravated as we were. All throughout lunch, our neighbors kept asking for their pecho. It arrived only when they have finished everything else. Bravo!

Aida’s Delicious chicken inasal. Too bad it came very late!

5.) You Do The Waiting. When we called for the waitresses, they were the one’s who told us to ‘Wait’. And I thought only the French servers were rude.


WHEREFORE, premises considered, I shall never set foot to Aida’s again.

How was the food? It was supposed to be great but I was already in such a bad mood I couldn’t savor it anymore. I was on the brink of walking out as I was flabbergasted to see the other table who arrived later but were served first. I walked to the kitchen and gave the servers a piece of my mind. If it weren’t for Christmas and Martin Banana preventing me from leaving, I would have stormed out of that shithole as fast as politicians jump bandwagons.

The only thing fast about Aida’s was how they processed the bill. By God, they could have a career with the BIR. Why don’t you shift professions ladies, and instead of serving food – go collect taxes. You’d do a better job and I won’t complain about your service.

Aida’s: the portal to hell

So Bacolod and all those who wish to visit our lovely city, when you go to Manokan Country – its best you avoid this dreadful resto and go to the one beside it. Goodbye Aida, Hello Nena!

Note from Martin Banana:

While I am not as hot headed as my worthy companion berryblue, I must agree with his review on the service.  There we were, all happy and expectant for a nice christmas eve chicken inasal lunch only to have it ruined by poor service.  It was totally unfair to be served LAST, the other people had came in later than WE DID.  Aida’s waitresses are so SLOW and inconsiderate, I think that they really put the “wait” in “waitress”

Food-wise , Aida’s serves DELICIOUS chicken inasal.  Totally awesome chicken inasal.  It’s a shame the service was ATROCIOUS even though the place was only FOUR TABLES full and operating at 1/8th capacity. But however for delicious food, we will do and endure anything!


8 comments on “Aidas at Manokan country

  1. more restos soon….. kulang pa! cafe bascon wala pa….

  2. jj ara na ang cafe bascon… sa personal website ko cya… Oh well I guess If you do want it I’ll make transfer the post

  3. This is so true. Aida’s has relied too much on its reputation that it forgot to give good quality service. If you are new to Bacolod, don’t go here kasi mabuburat lang kayo sa serbisyo.

    Alternative Chicken Inasal would be Nena’s or Lion’s Park. Lion’s Park has more food choices available as well.

  4. You’re right, if you go to manokan I suggest Nena’s over Aida’s. Better service and tastier chicken IMHO.

  5. LOL! Thanks for this! 🙂

  6. Many thanks for your evaluation of Aida’s in Manokan Country. Thanks to the Bacolod Food Hunters, we went next door to Nena’s and had a wonderful meal, great service, a fun time, and prices that were more than fair.

  7. I’m pretty sure it was Aida’s that we went to in October of last year. My wife’s cousin brought us there and service was not unusually slow. I found the chicken tasty enough though I haven’t had enough from other places in Manokan Country to compare. You guys are the Yelpers of Bacolod!

  8. foodloverpinay

    Same experience 😦 … i eat at Umbaos now (beside Aida’s)…really delish too 🙂

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